Millie Bobby Brown’s Teenage Cry Trends on Twitter and Fans Won’t Stop Memeing

Millie Bobby Brown’s Teenage Cry Trends on Twitter and Fans Won’t Stop Memeing

Films, TV shows, comic books, and all pop culture phenomena always manage to creep their way into the everyday lingo. Whether it’s Joey’s “How you doing” from F.R.I.E.N.D.S,That’s what she said” from The Office or the “Title of your sex tape” from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The list is endless. And it’s not always catchphrases. With the meme culture, even a very intense and serious scene taken noncontextually and juxtaposed with mundane everyday scenarios can cause a laughing riot. The viral trend of Millie Bobby Brown throwing a typical teenage temper tantrum is the perfect example.

The Millie Bobby Brown outbursts trend on Twitter

Stranger Things‘ telekinetic teen Eleven played by Millie Brown is one of the strongest leads in the Netflix Original. Figuratively and literally! Back in season 1, it was her string of agonizing screams yelling “Papa” that took the internet by storm. You can relive the moment with this meme-worthy compilation from Still Watching Netflix.

Now, it’s a season 2 scene that has become a Twitter sensation. A frustrated Millie shouting “You are like Papa” though a very emotional scene on the show, is hysterical when used out of context. And fans are doing just that. So much so that it is one of the top trends!

The classic trope of quoting “You are like papa” has become a way of expressing any kind of displeasure.

It’s amazing how much of your vocabulary is just pop culture references. Community’s Abed once said, “We’re like robots exchanging catchphrases and references.” Wise words from the undisputed king of pop culture.

One Twitter user even went existential and in a moment of introspection questioned who really is the Papa in your life.

The simplicity of a short four-worded phrase like “You are like Papa” makes it a top contender for the Meme generator hall of fame! And like the Twitterati @NaslinV2, rightly said, “the possibilities are endless

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The Origin Story of “You are like Papa”

For those living under a rock who don’t understand the reference, we’ve got you covered. The scene in question is from Season 2 episode 4 of Stranger Things. Being cooped up for her own protection is driving Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) a little stir crazy. As a result, she and Jim Hopper (David Harbour) have a huge fight. Hopper, who acts as a guardian and protector for Eleven, doesn’t want to take the unnecessary risk that may transpire if Eleven goes out.

High on emotions and overwhelmed by Eleven’s carelessness, Jim yells, “You are grounded. You know what that means? No Eggos and no TV for a week.” The rising rage unsurprisingly blows out of proportion and an angered Eleven yells “You are like Papa.”

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Papa is Matthew Modine’s character, Dr. Brenner, who studied and performed experiments on Eleven ever since she was a baby. She had escaped his clutches in season 1 and that’s how the show begins.

Eleven comparing Hopper to Dr. Brenner might be a massive over-reaction, but it did give us the epic moment that will remain with us for a long time. Typical Teenage Temper Tantrum- repeat the tongue-twister 5 times and tell us how you did. Also, let us know your favorite meme-able Stranger Things references.


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