The Big Bad Vecna Makes His Presence Felt at the San Diego Comic-Con in the Most Terrifying Way Possible

The Big Bad Vecna Makes His Presence Felt at the San Diego Comic-Con in the Most Terrifying Way Possible

After a two-year hiatus, the San Diego Comic-Con weekend is here and we just cannot keep calm. The SDCC is once again reigning live over San Diego since July 2019. Netflix’s flagship show, Stranger Things last appeared on the SDCC panels in 2017, when they teased the second season of the sci-fi horror series. Feels like a lifetime ago. This year, the show’s return to the convention is slightly unconventional. Instead of an elaborate panel with the cast, creators, and the entire creative team, a Book Panel will take its place. Even so, that doesn’t stop our favorite yet formidable Vecna- Stranger Things villain to raise Hell.

Vecna of Stranger Things Overpowers Comic Con

Four fun-filled days of art appreciation, fanboying, and attending panels (Man, this word is overused at Comic-con!). And all this is in full costume and cosplay (COSPLAY! not dress-up). The shenanigans just don’t stop. So why should our beloved Master of Puppets, Vecna, not bring some good old Stranger Thingsstyle traumatic gyre to the event?

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In a recent tweet by Variety, we can see a life-size figurine of Vecna mounted over a motor scooting through the crowds at the convention. The massive effigy is sure to send chills down everyone’s spine. Even internet personality and popular cosplayer Kiera Please was no stranger to Vecna’s horror. Netflix Geeked Posted a picture of a motorized Vecna looming behind Please, and her fleeing the scene adorning Geralt‘s sword from The Witcher Additionally, the cosplayer also managed to pull off yet another Netflix reference with the iconic red jumpsuit pants from Squid Game. The witty caption, “Hey Spotify, play “Running up that hill”.” is a great and historical nod to the show.

Kiera Please herself also uploaded a video of her interviewing a bunch of participants in full costume. Obviously, she had to start with the dreadful antagonist. Craning her neck to face the massive Vecna, she asks, “Why do you kill so many people?“. In response, the figure starts following her in true Stranger Things fashion. Her priceless reaction of “never, never mind” makes one chuckle uproariously.

Stranger Things Book Panel 2022

On Friday, the 22nd of July, Random House books will host a panel dedicated to the Stranger Things books and graphic novels based on the series. Elizabeth Schaefer, Editorial Director of Random House Worlds, will moderate the panel showcasing authors Suyi Davies (Stranger Things: Lucas on the Line), Adam Christopher (Stranger Things: Darkness on the Edge of Town), and Jody Houser (Stranger Things: Science Camp). Reginald James, the narrator of the audiobook of Stranger Things: Lucas on the Line, will also join the panel.

While we don’t know the full agenda for the panel, these discussions more often than not hint at possible new projects. You can probably hear us screaming!

What are your predictions for the future of the franchise? Also, tell your special songs that’ll help you escape Vecna from Stranger Things?

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