‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 “Out of Context” Memes Flood Twitter, Make Your Best Guesses Here

‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 “Out of Context” Memes Flood Twitter, Make Your Best Guesses Here

Gone are the times when you needed to learn a language to communicate with people. Maybe a few years back, knowing a bunch of languages would have gotten you a chance to communicate better. However, it is not the case today. Now all you need is a sense of humor, an understanding of current pop culture, and a grade-A meme game to present your ideas. Memes have now become the perfect way to converse with everyone, and they are even used to spoil people’s favorite shows for them! The same happened when Stranger Things was released last night, and the world went crazy about the memes.

If you believe you are capable enough to decipher the storyline of Stranger Things, then here we have a task for you. Below we have complied some of the most hilarious memes that are “out of context”. Let’s see if you can get the context!

Stranger Things memes that will leave you gasping for breath

Well, it is impossible to talk about memes and leave Family Guy out of the conversation. Hence, it was just about following the ritual when one scene featuring Lois was used to describe a Stranger Things moment. Do you know what exactly this meme is hinting at? Let us give you a hint: this was one of the worst ways any character could have died.

Images are not the only form of memes, videos are also great to put perspective on things. Hence, when one of the fans took to Twitter to post this particular “out of context” video, a lot of other people just agreed with it! You can see it for yourself:

Never did we ever think Sponge Bob will remind us of Sadie Sink. But, as it is said, the world has the infinite potential to surprise you at any given point.

Well, we do not know if this has anything to do with Angela’s bullying of Eleven. What do you think? Is it the right depiction of the situation?

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Dig deeper, cause there is no way you understand this reference so easily!

Tell us which were your favorite memes from this season? Also, how excited are you for the remaining episode that will eventually conclude the story of the show?

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