Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Why She Is “terrified” of Her Stranger Things Co-Star Noah Schnapp

Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Why She Is “terrified” of Her Stranger Things Co-Star Noah Schnapp

The cast of Stranger Things has been together for almost seven years. They all started shooting for the show as mere 10-11 years old, with no prior experience of filming. However, over the years, they have not only grown physically but have showcased their talents in the best way possible. And with the fourth season, Millie Bobby Brown and the gang shall shock the world yet again with the most anticipated season yet.

And as the cast of the show has spent such a long time together, they obviously have learned ways to keep things fun between them. However, it looks like what started as mere pranks is now a terrifying certainty for the cast.

Let us take a look at how Noah Schnapp continues to scare Millie with his awesome pranks. And if she ever got him back?

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp- who is the ultimate prankster?

One of the greatest reasons why Stranger Things is such a successful show is because of its cast. They truly have a great relationship with each other and have an equally deep bond as they have on-screen. Netflix also played a huge part in maintaining the relationship by not re-casting even a single character from the show.

So after years of shooting and going through a lot together. The cast certainly has learned how to pass time and keep themselves busy while long boring days of shooting.

And it turns out Noah Schnapp who plays Will Byers is the top prankster among all the cast. While talking about how afraid Millie is of Noah’s unpredictable pranks, she said that whenever she sees him, she is on her toes and always alert.

She said, “when I see him, I’m like, terrified, you know? It’s like, one step at a time.”

While Millie and Noah clearly seem to have a Jim-Dwight relationship. She also shared a hilarious and elaborate prank she played on Noah on the last day of filming the fourth season.

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Millie lured Noah into an empty dark car parking where the whole cast bombarded him with water balloons. And according to Brown, the whole invasion went on for “15 minutes.”

Are you guys excited to see more of Millie Bobby Brown in the Stranger Things season 4? Let us know in the comments.

The fourth season of the hit show shall be released on May 27th only on Netflix.



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