Which ‘The Office’ Star Brought Tears to Ryan Reynolds After Praising ‘The Adam Project’?

Which ‘The Office’ Star Brought Tears to Ryan Reynolds After Praising ‘The Adam Project’?

Netflix’s latest science fiction movie The Adam Project is officially the hottest topic right now. Everyone is talking about how great the movie is and the range of emotions that it manages to showcase. It has sorrow, grief, laughter, love, hate, and, of course, action. But there are two emotions that come out the best from the movie, i.e., the emotional aspect of the relationships portrayed in the film as well as the smart comic punches to ease the sorrow. And one of the pioneers of the same genre recently appreciated the movie and also made our very own Ryan Reynolds cry. So, who was it?

Well, The Office superstar and heartthrob John Krasinski recently watched the movie, and just like all of us, was moved by it. And like any other human being who gets emotional watching a movie, he went on to Twitter to share his admiration for the film. But unlike many of us, he actually got a reply from Ryan himself. And thus, created a rather emotional exchange between the actors. Here is what exactly happened.

John Krasinski admits he cried watching The Adam Project

John Krasinski is indeed a fun-loving guy. Much like Ryan Reynolds, he has a great sense of humor, knows how to balance it out with emotional range, and is probably a top-notch action superstar. So, it is understandable that game recognized game and also appreciated it.

Krasinski tweeted along with a GIF of Ryan Reynolds’ Adam from The Adam Project saying “That’s classified“. Ryan was quick to reply to him as well. He sent out a tweet saying that he also shed tears, reading Krasinski’s thoughts on the movie. And he also thanked him for the same. 

The Adam Project has beautifully portrayed the feeling of helplessness that one feels when one thinks about their past. The anger, the sorrow, and the inability to do anything about it. Though time travel in the movie makes things easier, we still see a certain tension among Adam from the future and his family and his own self from the past.

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The scene featuring Ryan and Jennifer Garner in the bar talking about Ryan’s younger self, the talks with Mark Ruffalo’s character, and of course, the funny but power-packed scenes involving Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell. They all were enough to make anyone cry, and they truly did.

On a side note, maybe we will get to see both John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds working on something together soon. With the rumors of Ryan’s Deadpool joining MCU and John probably taking up the mantle of Reed Richards, MCU might serve as a platform to bring two absolutely talented artists together.

Tell us, what were your favorite scenes from the Ryan Reynolds starrer. The Adam Project is streaming on Netflix

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