‘Ozark’ Creator Chris Mundy Reveals How He Rekindled Marty-Wendy’s Broken Marriage, Says, “How Can They Have a Normal Relationship With Anybody Else?”

‘Ozark’ Creator Chris Mundy Reveals How He Rekindled Marty-Wendy’s Broken Marriage, Says, “How Can They Have a Normal Relationship With Anybody Else?”

As long as the wait felt, Season 4 part II of Ozark finally came through. But as the fans already knew, it would take no time for it to finish because the entanglement of plots in the first half meant the second part was the neat solution to it. Ozark in any way is known for the same- Knot up the plot extensively in the first half, only to carefully detangle each strand in the following episodes.

The end of this Emmy-winning show marks the end of a legacy created by the makers of the show. It carved a niche in the industry for its authenticity and realness and set a quality standard for Netflix too. As the show comes to end after a lengthy wait, it’s left everybody perplexed about what happened to the Byrdes, especially Marty and Wendy.

Ending that’s not necessarily the end for Ozark

No two Byrdes think alike. Only imagining what it would be like to write an apt ending for all their diverse traits is tiresome. What started as a show about the family, escalated into the same family becoming so deluded they were destroying themselves. Especially Wendy, who we saw as the concerned mother of two with a criminal husband, changed into the greatest devil of the show.

For the ‘ethical’ criminal Marty Byrde, it seems totally natural to be wanting to leave Wendy. It became a question everybody wanted an answer to. Talking about deciding whether Marty and Wendy part ways, Chris said, “How can they have a normal relationship with anybody else or in any other situation?

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Chris Mundy the EP and the writer of the show said he wanted their marriage to rekindle but in the most realistic ways especially after the characters have divulged so much from their true selves. Chris decided to do that by making Wendy realize she could’ve been in the wrong. 

How Chris rekindled Marty and Wendy’s relationship

He brought in Wendy’s father, who takes her kids away because they’re clearly not safe with her. That is when she questions her actions as the kids were the reason why she got into this thing in the first place. She bribed her father for the kids, 2 million dollars, but nothing moved him.

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Wendy is instantly filled with rage for her father. And decides to kill him because it’s what she’s capable of now. Something in her makes her check into a mental health hospital. She asked them to not let her out or she’d kill her father. Or at least till she gets her kids back.

This chain of events made Marty look at Wendy in a different light. After all the evil she’s comprised of, she’s still gentle enough to recognize it and change for her family.

The final scene

The final dent in the Marty-Wendy story was made when the private investigator investigating Ben’s death shows up in their house like a death angel. He confronts them about his findings of Wendy killing her own brother. That is exactly when Jonah Byrde, their son, comes in with a gun and pulls the trigger on the cop, to a blackout. 

It leaves us thinking of the quality they’ve successfully instilled in their kids, and endless pull between seeing them together and seeing them ruined. In the last scene, where they’re all dolled up, it’s assumed for them to have accepted themselves and their past.

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Jason Bateman spoke about what the future holds for Byrdes.  And his thoughts about the Byrdes moving back to Chicago. Talking about the future, Chris said, They got everything they think they wanted. But I think they’re dragging around a curse, to be honest.”

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If you haven’t caught up with Ozark‘s final part yet or want to revisit the amazing episode of the most critically acclaimed show, stream it here.

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