“I have a lot of history in Georgia”: Laura Linney Shares Her Georgian Connection Other Than Wendy Byrde and Ozark

“I have a lot of history in Georgia”: Laura Linney Shares Her Georgian Connection Other Than Wendy Byrde and Ozark

One of the major reasons why Ozark revived great success and popularity was its cast. The acting ensemble was a mix of new and veteran actors. One of those decorated actors is Laura Linney. Laura has been in the movie industry for almost three long decades now. Her career spans a range of highly acclaimed films, including The Truman Show, Mystic River, and Primal Fear.

But years before getting her first film. Laura’s real love for the performing arts started in a place where she would shoot the most important series of her later on.

Let us see what joins Linney with the great state of Georgia just beside Ozark.

Laura Linney and her old connection with Georgia

The whole world is still recovering from the thrilling end of Ozark. People feel that the ending did complete justice to the show by staying true to itself till the last moment. They also kept the show ending a secret, even Jason Bateman’s wife did not know that ending.

So now after almost a week that the show has finally concluded Laura and the team is going around talking about the show. In one such interview of Laura with Seth Meyers, she pointed out an interesting connection between her and Georgia.

Everyone who has seen the show or is a fan knows that the most important location in the show is the Byrde House. Even though the series is set in Ozark, Mussorie actually the shooting took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

So while talking about Georgia Laura pointed out an interesting fact. Apparently apart from shooting the most successful project of her career majority of Laura’s family is from Georgia.

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Laura adds that she absolutely loved the city and that it is a “really exciting place to be.”

Laura then goes on to talk about how even though she spent most of her time in New York she has an old connection with Georgia and loves how the city has exploded to be what it is. She says “I have a lot of history in Georgia.”

Were you guys able to guess that Ozark was shot in Georgia and not Mussorie? Let us know in the comments.

The entire four seasons of Ozark are available on Netflix.

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