Lance Reddick Enters Netflix’s Comedy Series ‘Farzar’ After His Iconic Evil Role In ‘Resident Evil’ 2022

Lance Reddick Enters Netflix’s Comedy Series ‘Farzar’ After His Iconic Evil Role In ‘Resident Evil’ 2022

This gory release of Netflix shook the world of the horror genre within two days of its release. The fresh adaptation of the Resident Evil video game is an outrageous story of bloodshed and terror. With many known faces like Ella Balinska and Adeline Rudolph, the show cast Lance Reddick as notorious villain Albert Wesker. He is the top scientist for the Umbrella Corporation situated in Raccoon City. And he is one of the main antagonists in the video game who betrays people.

However, he is a devoted dad in the series, who would do anything to save his daughters. After portraying the pivotal character of Wesker in the series, Lance is moving to the upcoming animation series Farzar. Let’s see what insight the actor has given to his recent hit and a new project with Netflix.

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Lance Reddick shares the experience of his roles in the Netflix series

Lance Reddick is an American musician and actor who has played several acclaimed roles, including Cedric in The Wire, Phillip in Fringe, Guillermin in Godzilla vs. Kong, and Charon in John Wick. He has also given voiceover in many video games and is now going to star in an animated comedy, Farzar. In his recent conversation with Kyle Meredith, he talked about his upcoming read role in the Netflix series.

Reddick revealed that the show is set on a distant planet, and the protagonist’s name is Renzo. Moreover, the character is the monarch of the planet married to an older woman. And there is Bazarak, the main villain of the story, trying to usurp the planet. This is another interesting role that Lance got right after playing Albert Wesker because Wesker was one of the greatest villains the in Resident Evil franchise that was brought to life by the actor.

Meanwhile, the actor has done a varied range of roles till now and Resident Evil has certainly given him recognition as an evil character. Surprisingly, it is unbelievable that he didn’t know about the video game or the character he is playing. He said the script hooked him when he read the episodes of season 1.

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Hence, this was an opportunity for him to play a new character and explore the layers of unknown things. Resident Evil is a plaguing world that will mess with your mind and unhinge it deeply. So if you haven’t watched the series, you better contain your heartbeat. All 8 episodes of Resident Evil are streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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