As ‘Resident Evil’ Roars on Release Day Netflix Celebrates the INFECTED With an Awesome Live Billboard

As ‘Resident Evil’ Roars on Release Day Netflix Celebrates the INFECTED With an Awesome Live Billboard

Netflix is having a great second half of 2022. Two weeks into the month of July, the streaming service released two huge shows that the fans loved. Previously, Stranger Things swept the world off its feet, and now Resident Evil is doing the same for Netflix.

After receiving a mixed reception from fans, the Netflix Original series is actually getting great reviews from fans upon its initial release. And to celebrate the roaring release of the show Netflix has tweeted a 3D billboard of the INFECTED that is spectacular, to say the least.

Netflix reveals a live 3D billboard of Resident Evil

July 14th marked the release date of a huge Netflix project that the streaming service had in development for a while now. After the failed attempts to make a successful live-action adaptation of the popular video games, fans of the show were skeptical when Netflix announced yet another adaptation.

However, upon initial reviews, it looks like that Netflix has bagged a huge win with the series. People are even calling it the best adaptation ever. And Netflix always believed in the show.

A testament to Netflix’s faith in the show can be seen in its tweet 12 hours before the release of the show.

The billboard is truly an amazing one that shows a Licker breaking free from its container. This was the second look at the INFECTED from the show.

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What is a Licker?

Lickers are mutant humans who are the product of the second set of Zombies’ mutations. They are the ones who have ingested enormous amounts of biomass to support their metabolism.

Lickers are distinguished by their enormous, exposed brains, absence of skin and eyes, high sensitivity to sound, and distinctive tongues.

They should not be confused with Crimson Heads, mutants resulting from a distinct t-Virus strain passing through the V-ACT procedure.

A great promotional campaign comprising of video clips and amazing billboards was probably one of the reasons for the show’s success. After a great reception from fans, a season 2 of Resident Evil is likely.

What do you think? Should the show receive a second season? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

Resident Evil is currently streaming on Netflix.

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