Against All Odds and Assumptions Netflix Surprises Fans With Early ‘Resident Evil’ Reviews

Against All Odds and Assumptions Netflix Surprises Fans With Early ‘Resident Evil’ Reviews

Resident Evil is back in live-action; instead of a feature film, the next installment in Capcom’s long-running franchise is a Netflix Original series revolving around legendary villain Albert Wesker. Despite many initial reservations about the franchise’s tumultuous past in non-video game media, the outstanding acting mixed with a fascinating narrative that somehow fits into this ever-growing and outrageously complex timeline makes for compelling viewing for the most devoted Resident Evil game fans.

Early reviews give us insight into what to expect from the series. And it looks like that despite mixed reception from fans, in the beginning, Netflix has a great surprise for the fans.

Let us take a look at what the reviews suggest.

Netflix bags a huge win with its Resident Evil series

It has been mere hours since the release of Resident Evil on Netflix, and people are already considering it one of the best adaptations of the video game to date.

Since the announcement of the adaptation, fans of the video games were skeptical about another adaptation after numerous failed ones in the past.

But despite bumpy reception by the audiences, Netflix went full speed ahead and impressed fans every step of the way with insights into the series through images and video clips. And now, after the show’s release, it looks like hard work has paid off for Netflix.

Major critiques who have streamed the eight-episode show are giving it great reviews. Among all the reviews, new characters and actors’ performances seem to be the show’s highlights.

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Taylor Lyles of IGN praised the show for its storytelling and writing, “Resident Evil’s first season offers a new, original, and compelling story that leaves plenty of room for a second season.”

And Chris E. Hayner from Gamespot wrote, “it’s off to a strong start to claim the award for best adaptation we’ve yet seen. That’s not a shot at the beloved movie franchise, but simply a nod to the idea that Netflix’s take feels more at home in the video game world.”

The warm reviews certainly make fans optimistic for other live-action projects that Netflix has in store, like the One Piece and Avatar adaptations.

Have you seen the Resident Evil series on Netflix? Let us know if you liked it or not.

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