Netflix Releases EIGHT New Pictures for Resident Evil Giving Us the First Look at the Infested

Netflix Releases EIGHT New Pictures for Resident Evil Giving Us the First Look at the Infested

The new Resident Evil series by Netflix seems to be going ahead at full speed. The series is a new take on the super popular game, and Netflix has kept the project in wraps until now. The streaming service has released fresh new pictures. These new pictures give us the first look at the Infected.

Eight new pictures show us the setting of the show and the hungry monsters that we will get to see soon. Take a look at all the images down below.

Netflix releases fresh new pictures for Resident Evil

The story follows Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska), a young lady who strives to adapt to New Raccoon City’s pre-apocalyptic environment. When all hell breaks free, Jade is forced to confront her terrible past — and her father, Albert (Lance Reddick), whose work with the nefarious Umbrella Corporation may have contributed to the apocalypse.

The photographs show several types of Infected that have taken over the earth. There’s a contortionist, a growling screamer, a couple out for a romantic lunch, and a swarm of commuters just coming off the London Underground.

The mastermind behind the show

The new Resident Evil series comes from the mind of Andrew Dabb (Supernatural). Dabb is a die-hard fan of the video games. But the show is an original story that draws from the franchise’s lore without following any one specific narrative.

Alongside Balinska and Reddick, the series also stars Tamara Smart, Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph and Paola Núñez. You can join Jade in fleeing from the Infected yourself when Resident Evil hits Netflix on July 14.

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It will be exciting to see how Netflix and Andrew will be able to bring something fresh to the series. And by the looks of the photos, it seems that the makeup and visuals of the series are extremely well done.

What do you guys think about the new photos? Also, let us know your thoughts on the series. Feel free to drop your answers in the comments.

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