Albert Wesker Soaked in a Zombie Dogs’ Blood Is a New Gory Sight From Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’

Albert Wesker Soaked in a Zombie Dogs’ Blood Is a New Gory Sight From Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’

The live-action Resident Evil series on Netflix has released a new video clip that illustrates how far Albert Wesker would go to defend his kids. Resident Evil is going to premiere on the streaming service on July 14th. The latest clip appears to take place in 2022 within New Raccoon City and gives us the sense of thrill the series has.

Let us take a look at the new one-minute clip and what it reveals.

A new Resident Evil video clip by Netflix reveals The Weskers

It’s difficult to tell what’s going on in the new Resident Evil footage without context. But it looks like little Billie (Siena Agudong) has some sort of injury. Wesker gives young Jade precise instructions on how to flee whatever institution they are in with young Billie before apparently provoking some type of computer glitch.

Wesker finishes the video by immersing his hands in a puddle of blood from a dead dog and smearing it on his face and clothes. It’s unclear why he does this. But it’s clearly played out with the sense that his actions will have serious consequences.

You can see the new Resident Evil clip for yourself linked below:

The series’ narrative shifts back and forth between Jade Wesker’s youth with her father and sister and 2036. Jade is left to fend for herself in a post-apocalyptic world rife with zombies and “mind-shattering beasts.”

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In the new series, Jade’s history torments her in the New Raccoon City. Her father’s eerie ties to the deadly Umbrella Corporation also haunt her. But, most importantly, her main motive is to know what happened to her sister, Billie.

We are just two days behind the release of the show, and it is the second look we have at the series. It will be great to see how fans react to the new show once they get to see it. Are you guys excited to watch the series?

Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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