“The licker will get you”: Netflix Releases A New ‘Resident Evil’ Clip Featuring The Demodog-like Creature, And It’s Frightening

“The licker will get you”: Netflix Releases A New ‘Resident Evil’ Clip Featuring The Demodog-like Creature, And It’s Frightening

Over the years cinema has entertained viewers with unlimited movies and shows. Still, nothing compares to the horror feature that has gripped minds. Because this genre is the only thing that does not let people sleep at night once they watch a hair-raising horror movie. They would start imagining whether Annabelle is knocking on their door or a feigning Nun invading their bedroom. Despite the dread, they leave us with as movies like The Grudge, Paranormal Activity, and The Conjuring are certainly captivating. While fans eagerly wait for such fear ensuing zombies or otherworldly creatures that make the eye pop out. The good news for fans here is that Netflix is bringing such a throat-busting movie from the famous Resident Evil franchise that will smother your head. 

Netflix has terrified the viewers with a glimpse of Resident Evil

A recent post by the official Netflix Geeked on Twitter has left fans terrified as they shared a small clip of a creepy animal. The tweet said: “don’t make a sound, or the licker will get you – RESIDENT EVIL” where this enormous demo dog like creature is rumbling at a human.

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The animal was so hideous that his one look shook the souls of viewers in the trailer and now people are wondering what death road this movie has paved for characters. And do take a look at the trailer pinned here: 

What new concept of horror this zombie movie will bring to the viewers? 

This is the first time Resident Evil is featuring as a television series after seven movies based on the same title. With a massive number of devoted followers this name has created have onscreen. Proceeding the legacy this trailer is breaking hell on character’s life where they are stuck in an epidemic world. The adaptation revolves around Jade Wesker who is struggling to save herself in a wasteland overrun by T-virus zombies.

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Moreover, the movie is set in the future 20 years from now and the protagonist is haunted by her past. While she keeps on worrying about what would have happened to her brother and father. As the breakout took most of the world turning them into walking dead. The series is set for its release on July 14, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. Until then keep binge-watching your favorite shows on the biggest streamer.

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