Read This Before Streaming R-Rated ‘Resident Evil’ Adaptation On Netflix

Read This Before Streaming R-Rated ‘Resident Evil’ Adaptation On Netflix

A new gut-wrenching horror story of the Resident Evil franchise is knocking on your door. Bringing the classic villain of the video game and captain of the Raccoon City Albert Wesker. The series of bloodshed, terror, and heinous creatures walking the land is unlike anything before. This latest adaptation was originally developed by Capcom and has premiered on Netflix today. And it is certainly not for the faint of hearts as this wild ride will drain your brain.

The story is set in two different timelines which interpret the world before the spread of the T-Virus and its deadly aftermath. It focuses on the life of Albert Wesker and his twin daughters Billie and Jade. As they recently move to New Raccoon City in 2022 to join Umbrella Corporation. While after 14 years when an outbreak of the virus ravaged the population. The protagonist Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) searches for a cure to restore this blight. Let’s see what viewers must know people are reacting to this classic story of fright and chaos.

Reviews of the Netflix Original series ‘Resident Evil’ a saga of ultimate tragedy

Season 1 of Resident Evil has finally arrived on Netflix but there are many things you might not know about its storyline. Including the series based on the video game is what makes it unique from previous versions. But it was a big challenge for creators also as the franchise already has 24 video games and 7 movies. So, they have to be very specific about what they are presenting this time. As Lance Reddick said:

“didn’t even know when this project came to me that it was based on video games, I only knew the movies.”

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Therefore, it was a new experience for everyone on the team and they have given a fresh scenario to viewers. Moreover, the show is filled with epic fights, goriness, and violence which is why it has been categorized under R-rated content. Because the path on which Jade walks is a complete bloodbath and grappling danger. As zombies and otherworldly creatures are awaiting her at every turn of this ruined world in 2036.

Confirming the lingering death on every corner Rotten Tomatoes has called this intriguing show a superb combination of traumatic timelines and wild adventure.

“Epic action sequences, barrels of blood, and a new narrative direction drive the latest adaptation.” 

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Also, IGN has admired the potential of the show saying:

“the superb acting combined with an intriguing plot that somehow fits into this ever-growing and wildly convoluted timeline makes for an interesting watch for the biggest Resident Evil diehards.”

Resident Evil is now streaming on Netflix go get your dose of dark scary times today. And don’t forget to leave your comments below on how you like season 1.

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