“It definitely took a lot out of me”: Caleb McLaughlin Opens Up About THAT Scene From The ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Finale

“It definitely took a lot out of me”: Caleb McLaughlin Opens Up About THAT Scene From The ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Finale

The 20-year-old Stranger Things star Caleb McLaughlin playing Lucas Sinclair became a fan favorite this season. His performance has never been this remarkable as we see a shining Hawkins High basketball player finding himself crushed between his relationships and rising social profile. But the boy did make fans cry in the “Piggybank” episode giving a masterful performance.

The season came with a vigilant warning that it’s gonna shake off your soul to the bottom. However, the final scene with Max affected not just fans but also Caleb. Recently, the actor finally shed some light on the heart-wrenching scene from volume 2. Read on to know more about how he dealt with such an emotionally affecting scene with Sadie Sink.

Caleb McLaughlin revealed his experience of the harrowing scene in Stranger Things 4

In season 4, we saw Lucas was stranded by his childhood friends and his girlfriend Max Mayfield, who had shut him off as she grieved. Soon, he became occupied with the basketball group that was an elite group. And he started liking the company of people who had higher social grounds and couldn’t resist it.

Like any other teenager who wants to become a popular high school kid, Lucas fought to win favor with his basketball teammates. There’s much more that Caleb McLaughlin has been wanting to share about his character but wasn’t able to prior to the season’s premiere. However, in a recent interview with Vanity Fair, McLaughlin expressed his excitement over being able to talk about his character after the release.

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The young actor stated how the scene of Max in Vecna’s clutches physically drained him. There was a lot of sobbing and screaming in the scene when Max’s bones break and she falls in his arms. Left on the verge of death, Max loses her sight crying she doesn’t wanna die. Moreover, when she stops breathing, Lucas is devastated.

“I lost my voice that week. It definitely took a lot out of me,” said Caleb as it took a lot of energy. He was lying on the floor for about 20 to 30 seconds after they wrapped the scene. The actor also revealed that both of them had no rehearsal time. Duffer Brothers told him after he reached on the set that they are doing the scene today. So neither of them had much time to prepare and they never talked much about the portrayal.

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Well, it is incredible to see how natural the scene looked and fans went crazy after watching that horrible scene. They praised both the actors for pouring truest of their emotions in the killing scene.

Were you as devasted as Caleb about this Stranger Things scene? Share your thoughts with us.

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