Is Rick Becoming “what’s been missing” Over the Great Character Development Throughout ‘Rick and Morty’

Is Rick Becoming “what’s been missing” Over the Great Character Development Throughout ‘Rick and Morty’

Rick and Morty, the most loved animated sitcom, is created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The show follows the story of Rick who is an alcoholic sociopath and scientist. He lives with his daughter Beth’s family. Apart from building gadgets, he takes his morally right but dimwit grandson Morty on absurd intergalactic adventures. Throughout the series, we see Rick showing no emotions at all. At times, we feel like he’s not even a human.

However, as we look at his character development throughout the show, we see some changes in Rick’s behavior. We see changes in his actions. He shows signs of human emotions, which makes us believe Rick can have human emotions. It’s just that he doesn’t express them. Rick hides behind his alcoholism and uses it as a defense mechanism. As we are exposed to his backstory in depth; we get where he’s coming from. But, as season 6 is approaching, can we expect to see Rick with more expressive qualities?

Rick and Morty Season 6 will expose Rick as a normal human now?

The fans are waiting for the sixth season to drop, they have been waiting to see another adventurous ride with Rick and his shenanigans. Since the fans saw Rick’s juicy backstory, in season 5, episode 8, it must have triggered the thought of the possibility of him being capable of change. However, we have seen glimpses of Rick’s expression of love, care, and other emotions, like ego and fear. This Reddit thread would make you optimistic about Rick’s refined version in season 6.

Rick Saddest Moments. Rick has a had a great character development throughout the series. He is finally becoming what’s been missing. A human. from rickandmorty

The video compilation of Rick’s emotional encounters makes us feel sad. The fans think now that the in the upcoming season, they would see a more refined version of Rick and he might be finally a human. Rick, as a scientist, is a brilliant character. But seeing him developed throughout the show has been a fun journey. The way he protects Morty in the controversial sperm episode makes us adore him more.

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Let us see what these fans have to say about Rick’s character development.

Fans think he’s becoming human again!

The compilation of Rick’s transformations has made the fans a little emotional. They see Rick even trying to kill himself. They are appreciating the music, while some of them have their own theories about the character.

Well, what do you think about it? Do you also think Rick is recreating the lost connection with his human emotions? Share your thoughts with us. Before the next season comes, you can always revisit the adventurous show, Rick and Morty, here.

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