Why Is Jerry Dressed Like Morty in the ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Trailer?

Why Is Jerry Dressed Like Morty in the ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Trailer?

Ever since the trailer for Rick and Morty season 6 was released, fans of the show cannot keep calm. They are eagerly waiting for the show to stream. Meanwhile, they’ve been noticing the tiniest details in the trailer and creating their own assumptions about it. So, have you noticed the way Jerry dressed like Morty in the trailer? What would be the reason behind it? Here is the reason.

Why is Jerry dressed like Morty in Rick and Morty?

As said, we have seen people assuming various theories about the tiniest things in the show. For instance, recently, a fan of the show pointed out Rick’s room and asked if anyone has ever noticed it. It has a green carpet on the floor. Fans were wondering if the carpet meant something more than just it. And they came with pretty unique theories for the same. Also, we have noticed that in the trailer Jerry is dressed like Morty and it got us wondering why. Here is the trailer for you to watch:

You must have noticed when Rick is holding the gun while asking his ship to play track #1 on his favorite playlist. We see Jerry dressed like Morty. Then, at the end of the trailer, we see Rick scanning Morty Jerry, who’s holding a small slip of paper. However, Rick seems surprised by the scan. Now, why is actually Jerry dressed like Morty?

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Here’s one theory about it. Do you remember how Ricks use Mortys to hide themselves from their enemies? So, maybe what if Morty cannot go on this adventure, and Rick dresses up Jerry as his grandson and has him read? Rick tries to scan him to see if he passes the scan. Rick sees some surprising results; not perfect, though. So, the shootout shows that Jerry isn’t Morty enough and so the danger will find Rick because only true Morty’s waves can cancel out genius waves.

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So, what do you think can be the reason for Jerry to dress up like Morty? Do you have a different theory? Share it with us in the comment box.

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