‘Rick and Morty’ Must-Read Season 6 Theory Will Send You in Jitters

‘Rick and Morty’ Must-Read Season 6 Theory Will Send You in Jitters

We are mere days away from the release of Rick and Morty season six. The highly acclaimed Emmy award-winning series made its debut in 2013 and since has garnered a huge fan base. And we all know with huge popularity, and a great number of fans come fan theories. The internet is filled with thousands of Rick and Morty theories for each season and character. As a result, it gets impossible to find the most interesting ones.

But don’t you guys worry. We have done all the hard work for you. And after a thorough digging on the web, we have found the most intriguing theory for the upcoming Rick and Morty season. Want to find out what it is? Then keep on reading.

A new Rick and Morty fan theory teams up Samantha and Beth

The current season of Rick and Morty was a wild one. And its ending was even crazier. Just to brush up on your memory, in the final episode of season five, Evil Morty sabotaged all portal devices in The Citadel, killing a large number of Ricks and Mortys. Some Ricks and Mortys attempted to escape using different technology but were unsuccessful again and died.

The Citadel eventually collapsed, and with it, the lives of many Ricks and Mortys. So after the genocide of many Rick and Mortys, a fan has proposed a new theory of how Samanthas and Beths of many universes will team up to find their brothers and fathers.

The theory goes like “now that all the Ricks and Mortys are dead, well most of them anyway, maybe the common denominator will end up being the abandoned Beths, who, once they realize their fathers and sons are not coming back, break into all the lost Rick’s garages and steal his tech to try and find them all, maybe with Summer.”

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The theory is certainly plausible and unlike other random ones that are too far-fetched. Since the show creator Justin Roiland has really hyped up the sixth season, fans can’t wait to see what the new season holds for them.

Do you think this theory will turn out to be true? Let us know in the comments. Rick and Morty return on September 4th on Adult Swim.

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