‘Rick and Morty’ Reddit Fans Appreciate Jerry in Season 5, Not Just for Comedy but Also for Deep Lines

‘Rick and Morty’ Reddit Fans Appreciate Jerry in Season 5, Not Just for Comedy but Also for Deep Lines

Fans love Rick and Morty for multiple reasons. Some love the series for its great humor, while others love the interesting story arc the show provides. However, one thing we all love about the show is its great range of well-written characters. No two characters are the same as each other, thus keeping the show fresh even after five seasons. However, even after five long seasons, there is one character that fans have deemed most interesting: Jerry Smith.

Jerry has been a part of the show since its inception. And now that a sixth is almost here fans are appreciating the character for his humor and wisdom. Let us see what the fans are saying.

Rick and Morty fans give reasons for their love of Jerry Smith

Running for almost a decade, Rick and Morty never cease to amaze its fans with a fresh batch of interesting characters with every season. But since season one, the character that everyone has loved is Jerry Smith. Jerry is the father of Morty and son-in-law of Rick.

Rick and Jerry have a strained relationship in the series, giving comic relief to the show. However, Jerry has remained a fan favorite through these years for not just being hilarious but also delivering wise and thought-provoking lines, much like Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender. So now that season six will soon be releasing in September, fans on Reddit are citing their reason as to why they love this great character. Some of the comments by fans are.

  • “Jerry is comedy gold. Always makes me laugh and often steals scenes. A redemption arc would be awesome but I hope he doesn’t change too much.”
  • “Jerry has had some of the deepest lines in the show, not least of which was “I’m ready to make happy, which is why nobody gives a shit if I am.”
  • “Need Jerry, gotta have Jerry.”
  • “I like Jerry as he is man. He’s one of the strongest characters in the show because of how genuine and authentic he is.”
  • “Jerry is a necessary character because he’s basically everyone. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t struggle with being mediocre, lazy, interested in stupid shit, and struggling to connect.”

With the new season coming soon, fans can’t wait to see what creators have in store for Jerry and the other wonderful characters in the world of Rick and Morty.

Do you guys love Jerry? Let us know.

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