“Not now Gene”: Who Is the Neighbour That Rick Was Talking to in the New ‘Rick and Morty’ Trailer?

“Not now Gene”: Who Is the Neighbour That Rick Was Talking to in the New ‘Rick and Morty’ Trailer?

The countdown to the new season of Rick and Morty has officially begun. Setting off the clock was the new trailer for the hit series that was released recently. The first official peak into the new season has excited all the fans about what they can see from the new batch of episodes. However, in between all the cool new adventures that the family will embark on, fans heard a name they were unfamiliar with. In the trailer, Rick seems to shout at a guy named Gene.

Who is this Gene, and have we seen him before? Let us try to find out who this mystery man is.

Who is Gene in Rick and Morty?

After a long time, fans are getting excited for the new season of Rick and Morty, and all the credit goes to the new trailer. The new look into season six of the show looks extremely promising, and fans are really happy to see the series get back on track after a few underwhelming seasons.

But the new trailer has invoked a lot of curiosity in fans, making them wonder who Gene is. Well, much to the surprise of the audience, Gene is not a new character but an old one. First appearing in season 3, episode 5, The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy. The Smiths’ next-door neighbors are Gene and his family. Gene is a nice, mild-mannered, everyday Joe.

Despite his neighborly disposition, he is regarded as a nosy neighbor and is screamed at and cursed at for just showing concern or providing assistance to his neighbors. He has probably become accustomed to Rick’s bizarre inventions and their effects. Nothing appears to surprise him anymore.

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Over the years, Gene has made appearances here and there in multiple episodes of the show. However, he is not a major character, and audiences should not expect him to play any crucial role in this year’s season also.

Are you guys excited for the new season of Rick and Morty? Let us know in the comments who your favorite character from the show is. Rick and Morty return with their bizarre adventure on September 4th.

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