Will ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Have More Inside Jokes?

Will ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 6 Have More Inside Jokes?

After evil Morty destroyed the Citadel of Ricks and the Central Finite Curve, fans have been anticipating the next season to learn more about the dimension-hopping duo’s next move. The shocking finale meant a total stop for the multiverse madness that had characterized the Adult Swim hit all its past seasons. It also meant that Rick and Morty were going to get more canonical in season 6. Since the comedy sitcom has a very cynical tone, fans are also curious about the approach the creators are going to take for jokes this season. 

Rick and Morty season 6 will feature fewer references and more “well-crafted” jokes

In its five-season run, the show has built up a library of inside jokes. So are we going to get plenty of references in Rick and Morty season 6? Co-creator Justin Roiland had talked about their approach to the show’s jokes in a press event. He disclosed that the writers are more interested in inserting well-crafted jokes into the narrative. Callbacks to notable moments in the past are surely going to make it to the season, but that’s not the focus because it might turn the viewers off. 

“I feel like the smartest angle is to always try to just stay true to what you think is funny. [W]e don’t ever want to be like, ‘Bazinga.’ We never want to do that kind of sh-t. The jokes always need to feel like well-crafted jokes and not just references…That’s going to turn people off,” Roiland stated

“There [is] the occasional reference now because we have…we’ll have an acknowledgment of Rick turned himself into a pickle…Just little things here and there that we’ve done. But by and large, we stay away from that stuff,” he added.

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The trailer hasn’t revealed too many things about the new season except for an egg. But the promo showcased a mysterious egg inside a lab in the Citadel. As the lab starts crumbling down, the egg glass starts cracking. 

The latest season of the show is arriving with 10 more episodes on September 4. Episodes may or may not arrive weekly! We’ll have to wait and watch. Regardless, are you excited about the new season? Comment down below.

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