“If I was walking with my husband…“ – Blake Lively on How She Does Not Need Ryan Reynolds to Shelter Her Anymore

“If I was walking with my husband…“ – Blake Lively on How She Does Not Need Ryan Reynolds to Shelter Her Anymore

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the most loved couples in the film industry. Not only are they gorgeous and in awe of each other, but the constant banter and roasting of one another also make them highly entertaining. However, just like any other married pair, the two also seek support, solace, and protection from one another. 

However, things have changed for Blake Lively. In a 2016 interview, the Age of Adeline star expressed how, in a good way, she does not feel the need for her husband’s protection anymore. Lets us find out what warranted this change in their equation.

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Why does Ryan Reynolds not need to protect Blake Lively anymore?

In 2016, during her The Shallows promotions, Blake Lively gave a candid interview where she opened up about her relationship with Ryan Reynolds and how it used to be. She reminisced about the fact that she instinctively used to look to him for protection.

If I was walking with my husband late at night and I see a shadowy figure coming towards us and it’s dark, I would normally go on the other side of him,” narrated Lively.

She explained it was a natural thing to seek shelter and protection from your partne.

However, this fear and the urge to seek protection have diminished since she has had kids. In fact, she is the one providing the shelter now. She called back the same scenario from before, but this time with a stroller, still in the presence of a looming “shadowy figure.” Drawing an “emotional parallel,” she explained how her reactions were now completely opposite. 

Now, I go and I stand in front and, like, go towards the figure,” illustrated Blake.

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The innate maternal instinct to protect your young one is not unheard of. There are numerous examples from around the world of how mothers could even lift cars to keep their children from harm’s way. A Simple Favor actress articulately stated,

It’s very primal, that mama bear thing,” added the actress.

Now that Blake and Ryan are expecting baby number four, we are sure that this instinct will only get stronger.

Do you think Ryan Reynolds has and will also go through changes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. In the meantime, watch The Adam Project streaming on Netflix.

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