Blake Lively’s Hob Gadling-Esque Fantasy Film Where She Doesn’t Age Is Now Streaming on Netflix

Blake Lively’s Hob Gadling-Esque Fantasy Film Where She Doesn’t Age Is Now Streaming on Netflix

It has been 10 days since the release of the Netflix adaptation of The Sandman and the world has lost its marbles over it. The wonderfully received live-action rendition of fantasy comics is reigning on the Top 10 charts in over 89 countries. So, it makes complete sense for the streaming goliath to milk that cow and fill its catalog with fantasy content. And the giant streamer does just that by releasing a 2015 fantasy film starring Blake Lively. 

Netflix recently took to Twitter and uploaded the teaser of The Age of Adaline, announcing its availability on the streaming platform. The Twitter account known for its witty play of words doesn’t disappoint with the caption calling the wonderful Blake Livelyliterally timeless.” One can only wonder if the stunning Gossip Girl actress has the boon of immortality in real life as well. 

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Age is literally just a number for Blake Lively

Directed by Lee Toland Krieger and written by J. Mills Goodloe, The Age of Adeline stars Blake Lively as the titular Adeline. After losing her husband at the Golden Gate Bridge, Adeline herself has a near-death experience that changes her life. Or does it? She comes back to life with an important aspect altered. She becomes ageless, her appearance frozen in time at the age of 29. 

The story follows the now forever 29 Adeline as she struggles with the perils of immortality for over eight decades. Watching her daughter get older than her and not be able to love anybody takes a toll on her. But the biggest challenge she faces is the classic shrouding of her agelessness. When she finally falls in love with a handsome and kind Ellis (Michiel Huisman), she shortly forgets her problems. But getting recognized by Ellis’s father William (Harrison Ford) as Adeline brings her back to square one.

She poses as Jenny and convinces William that Adeline was her mother. A classic Hob Gadling-Esque move of pretending to be your own descendant. Frankly, we wouldn’t put it past Morpheus, The Sandman himself, to have another side project going on apart from Hob Gadling. Dream of The Endless loves his social experiments.

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If you haven’t already, watch The Age of Adeline now streaming on Netflix. The amazing performance by Blake Lively in the fantasy film even granted her a Best Actress nomination at the 42nd Saturn awards. Let us know your thoughts about the film in the comments.

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