“Your tea*s are amazing” – Blake Lively Once Explained the Hilarious Story of Her and Ryan Reynolds

“Your tea*s are amazing” – Blake Lively Once Explained the Hilarious Story of Her and Ryan Reynolds

Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively has a humor that perfectly matches her husband Ryan Reynolds. The Met Gala Queen is known for her amazing dressing sense that compliments her beautiful smile and shining eyes. She is often praised for the effort and thoughts put into her style. But the actress was embarrassed and dumbfounded when someone yelled out a rather weird compliment.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are undoubtedly one of the most lovable power couples in Hollywood. The love birds met on the sets of Green Lantern, and have since gotten married with three children and a fourth one in the oven. Both are always seen in the limelight, whether as a family or individually, promoting their projects. Lively appeared in an interview with Jimmy Fallon discussing her movie A Simple Favor. This is where she revealed a weird compliment received during the film’s premiere.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds get a bizarre compliment

Blake Lively was at the premiere of her 2018 movie A Simple Favor when a fan complimented her and Ryan Reynolds tea*s. In an interview on Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon showed a picture of her rocking a pantsuit at the movie’s premiere. Looking at the photo, Lively recalled a funny incident about the attire and her worries regarding it. Just before leaving her hotel on premiere night, she realized that the top of her outfit was see-through.

In a panic, she contacted the hotel desk to get tape to cover her bust. But the thought of them getting unwanted attention kept her anxious throughout her appearance, especially with the paparazzi lights. Her nightmare came true when a man yelled, “Blake, Blake your tea*s are amazing.” Another woman beside him agreed. Blake was puzzled until he added, “And your husband’s tea*s are even better. ” That is when she realized it wasn’t her b*obs that he complimented.

“Oh, t-tweets, Twitter,” Lively then exclaimed. How funny is that? Jimmy and the whole audience burst into laughter, listening to the goof-up. The actress was relieved to know that the discomfort regarding her see thru top was only an issue in her mind.

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The charming actress will expand her horizons with a directorial debut in the film adaptation of the graphic novel Seconds. You can stream some of her great movies on Netflix.

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