“I was very overwhelmed with the love”: Cardi B Opens Up About How Posting Rant Videos on Instagram Got Her “Booked around America”

“I was very overwhelmed with the love”: Cardi B Opens Up About How Posting Rant Videos on Instagram Got Her “Booked around America”

It would be a fortunate event if you are just being yourself and putting yourself out there online, and you just go viral and become famous. You know how they say that the thing that you wish and work for will come to you when you’re ready. Because you have to go through the storm in order to become stronger. Well, something like that happened with Cardi B. Let us find out more.

Cardi B became famous while being herself

Indeed, being true to yourself is the only thing that matters. Going through so many hardships, working 2 jobs and dropping out of college, and getting kicked out of the house by her mother are some events that made Cardi B’s life a little harder than it was.

Cardi B faced troubles from a very young age, as did many people. But she shares her story with David Letterman and says that she just wanted to get out of there. She needed more money so that she could invest in herself. Cardi had many dreams and to fulfill them; she needed money. So, she started working at the Amish Market, but she hated it there. So, she started working at a dance club.

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While working at a dance club, she observed people around her and she learned life lessons. She says, “I was just very fortunate that the way I got out was following my dreams.” While she was working at the dance club, she started posting stuff on Instagram. She shares that one day she came home from work, and she was a little frustrated. Cardi just had a breakup with her boyfriend.

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So she was just ranting about men and people in the strip clubs. Those videos of her went viral quickly. At first, she liked the responses. Cardi thought it was cool and funny. Soon, people started to book her appointments around America. People just wanted to see her, they just wanted to be friends with her. “I was very overwhelmed with the love,” says Cardi about how she felt during that time.

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Soon after this event, she became quite popular around America. She got a show called Love & Hip Hop, which gave her a bigger platform. “People, I guess, fell more in love with me again,” said Cardi. And then she quit dancing to take her music career seriously.

This is why the fans love to watch My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman because they get to see their favorite celebrities on a deeper level. Have you watched the show? Which part did you like the most? Share with us in the comment section.

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