Cardi B Uncovers the Secrets to “learn the game” in Order to Earn Better as a Dancer

Cardi B Uncovers the Secrets to “learn the game” in Order to Earn Better as a Dancer

Singer Cardi B has been open about her life and struggles throughout her career. She never backs down to share an experience in her earlier days. While she is fearless, there are a lot of things that she learned while growing up. As a teenager, Cardi B went through a situation when she wanted to start over her life. In the interview with David, she opened up on this. Let us see what she has to say.

A life lesson by Cardi B

A big family, parents’ separation, hooky parties, high school competition, a college dropout, and getting kicked out by a mother. These are some things that Cardi B has shared with David Letterman in My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

Cardi B had a strict mother. If Cardi wanted to go to the movies, her mother would accompany her. That’s how strict she was. Fortunately, Cardi is not that strict with her children, she says. When she was in school, her mother kicked her out of the house in order to teach her a lesson. She says that this was the time and experience she needed at the time. But right after going to college, Cardi dropped out and started working.

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She says that she was earning $250 a week, which wasn’t enough for her. She wanted to get out of the situation she was in. So, she worked at the Amish Market, which wasn’t Amish, by the way. And after working there for a while, Cardi joined a dance club. When she started, she admits, “I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into at all.” But she took this experience as a learning and growing experience.

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She says, “You have to invest in yourself.” As a dancer, she had to invest in her hair, make-up, looks, and outfit. “You have to be top-tier look to make top-tier money,” says Cardi. On top of that, she says you must learn how to talk and how to entice. Not every girl has that. She says some girls might doubt themselves and think why she’s getting $200 a night while the other one is getting $3000. She states the fact that one starts thinking about she’s prettier, better and even a good dancer than her. “No, you need to learn the game,” advised Cardi B.

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This is what she has learned while working at the dance club. If she wanted to be a better dancer and earn more, she needed to learn how to talk and how she could attract more people. It took around a year for her to learn these things. But having the goal of getting out of there, she learned it and earned it, too.

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