“What Can Make Me Money?”: Cardi B Remembers the Time She Forgot About Becoming an Artist and Went Chasing Material Success

“What Can Make Me Money?”: Cardi B Remembers the Time She Forgot About Becoming an Artist and Went Chasing Material Success

When an artist meets an artist, they just open each other up. They connect in such a way that they become comfortable talking about their lives. They tend to share stories that the fans are not even aware of. This is what David Letterman does with Cardi B on a Netflix original My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

With David Letterman, Cardi B shares so many details of her life, her daughter, her childhood, her parents, and her profession.

Cardi B forgot about being an artist and ran after the money!

In My Next Guest Needs No IntroductionCardi B opens up about her childhood and how she behaved in high school. She openly talks about her parents being separated and how she felt about it. She also talks about her big family. Cardi was very close to her cousin, and they used to bunk school and go to hooky parties.

So, David asks her when she realized she wanted to be an artist. Cardi tells him she always wanted to be an artist as she went to a school named Renaissance High School for Musical Theatre and Technology. She shares that she thought she could sing back then. But the reality kicks in and she learns that being popular is more important. Cardi says when you get caught up in this popularity contest, “you kind of forget what you go to school for.”

She remembers her graduation days from high school. She admits, “After I graduated from high school, I completely forgot about my dreams. I completely forgot about being an artist. I completely forgot about being anything.” Cardi again admits that she couldn’t think about anything else. “All I put my head into, was ‘what can make me money?’ What can make me successful faster? What could get me out of situations?”

David Letterman shares his high school personality and tells her she knew what she wanted to become, but all of it didn’t mean anything when she graduated. So, he asks Cardi B where this came from. Here, the WAP singer again shares her teenage days and says that she was rebellious. Her mother kicked her out of the house. Therefore, Cardi went to live with her boyfriend. She says her mother was so crushed when she knew I stayed with my boyfriend. But she also thought it was a much-needed experience for her daughter.

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Cardi admits, “Once I left home, I saw how good I had it.” She expresses her gratitude to her mother and her tough love and rules. Then she continues to talk more about her life and herself.

Every teenager has felt it once in their life. Everybody wants to be popular and successful faster. But don’t forget Cardi B’s advice: “Stay at your mama’s house as long and as much as you can. Trust me, her rules are not a bad as the real world.”

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