Cardi B Explains How She Is Raising Her Kids Differently Than Her Parents: “I don’t think I’m as strict.”

Cardi B Explains How She Is Raising Her Kids Differently Than Her Parents: “I don’t think I’m as strict.”

Generally, it happens that the way our parents raise us; we tend to do the same with our kids. It doesn’t happen very often that we, as parents, change our methods of parenting. It is not about the write and wrongs but about changing with the times. So, in the modern world, we are becoming more aware of the importance of connecting with children and giving them enough freedom to live their lives. Cardi B is one of those modern mothers who breaks the pattern of parenting.

Another example that we’ve seen on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. They both have felt emotional distance from their parents. Therefore, they both agreed to let their children be self-aware and feel everything freely.

Cardi B states how she’s raising her children differently than she was raised

It is very much hard to see your parents work so hard day and night to secure your future. It becomes harder to watch one of your parents work through the day and complete the household chores at night. Cardi B had to witness this quite early in her life. Her parents got separated when she was 13. Cardi B shares with David Letterman how her mother used to work double shifts to make the ends meet.

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When David, at the very beginning of the interview, asks Cardi B about the how-about of the kids and if it is hard for her to stay away from them. She tells him it is incredibly hard to stay away from them. She shares her experience when she had to stay away from them for two weeks and how she was going crazy during those times.

While talking about her children, David asks Cardi B if she remembers anything about how her parents were raising her. She says she remembers everything including her upbringing. Cardi B also adds that “I just feel like we’re raising them differently.” The singer’s mother was very strict and wouldn’t let her go to the movies alone.

Cardi B admits that she’s not as strict. She talks about her daughter and says that she’s got a lot of personality. She says her daughter Kulture is manipulative. Cardi B compares her child-self with her daughter and says, “When I was younger, grown-ups used to be like, ‘you look very slick’, and I used to wonder what does that mean?” Well, she got the answer when she saw her daughter’s slick face.

She continues to talk about her childhood and how she used to skip school to go to the hooky parties. She has a very huge family and they are well connected to each other.

Seeing this side of Cardi B makes us love her more. What do you say about it? And if you still haven’t watched this episode of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, watch it only on Netflix.

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