When Cardi B Was Grounded for Going to a “Hooky Party”

When Cardi B Was Grounded for Going to a “Hooky Party”

Cardi B, mostly known for her catchy songs, WAP and Up, recently made an appearance on My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman. The rapper has achieved tremendous success over the past few years since her debut in 2018. She is the first female rapper to win a Grammy for the Best Rap Album. The rapper got candid with David as she talked about her teenage days and her love for partying.

Cardi B was a rebellious teenager 

According to her, a hooky party is a party where you dance and do drugs, and is “actually bad”. She cut school a lot of times to attend these parties. While it was fun, she had to make sure the cops never caught them. She escaped the cops, yes, but not her mother. Her mother caught her once and she was grounded. She recalled that she was grounded for most of her teenage life! Cardi B grew up in the Bronx with too many cousins to count. So funnily enough one day, she ran into her cousin on a train who was going to the same hooky party as her! 

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Her mother kicked her out  

Cardi B sheepishly admitted that she was never good at studies. And she always prioritized parties over the school. Hanging out with the popular crowd and going to hooky parties was more important than getting A’s on her report card. When their parents divorced, it made it easier for her to skip school and do whatever she liked. 

Her antics got her kicked out, and she stayed at her boyfriend’s for a while. But she credits her mom for helping her to realize how good she had it.

Stay at your Mama’s house as long and as much as you can. Trust me her rules ante not as bad as the real world,” she emphasized.

She eventually went to college to appease her mother but had to drop out due to financial problems. 

Catch the entire interview here.

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