“I Took the Job Away From Another Little Girl”-Young Millie Bobby Brown Was Forthright About Competition in Showbiz

“I Took the Job Away From Another Little Girl”-Young Millie Bobby Brown Was Forthright About Competition in Showbiz

Have you ever wondered how the term competition constantly oscillates between the healthy and unhealthy ends of the spectrum? A slight change in context can alter its connotation from a positive to a negative one. Competition is inevitable. As a child actor, Millie Bobby Brown was also no stranger to the struggles of the trade. 

While competitiveness is present in every field and walk of life, perhaps it is the most apparent in the entertainment industry. Millie Bobby Brown might be at the peak of her career now, but even back in 2017, as a much younger actor, she was upfront and outspoken about competition. Let us see what she had to say.

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Millie Bobby Brown shared her take on the competition in show-business

Riding high on the success of the massive first season of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown did an interview for SAG-AFTRA Foundation. In the 35-minute-long conversations, the British actress got candid about the show, her personal life, and even the joys and perils of acting. Speaking of, when the host enquired if “competition” was one of the “biggest challenges” for the actor, she had a rather fresh take on the matter. 

She expressed how she loves and appreciates when other people get roles. In fact, Brown even reiterates that statement. “I do it for the craft, so I know they are doing it for the craft,” says Millie, explaining her standpoint. Instead of denying the existence of competitiveness, the Enola Holmes actor believes in calling a spade a spade. She even illustrated that by saying,

Obviously, I took a job away from another little girl.

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According to her, “competition is a big part of this job but you have to learn not to let it control it.

Millie is brutally honest about the fact that competition in that world is unavoidable. She illustrated how, at times, even though you believe you might be “perfect for this role,” it could go to someone else. As frustrating as it might be, one has to let it go. The Stranger Things actor even gave a reference to her audition for Logan. She recounted how much she wanted that job. Despite her massive efforts in studying and preparing for it, she still didn’t get it. 

Well, that hardly matters today, does it? The star has amazing projects, past and upcoming in her portfolio. Do you agree with Millie Bobby Brown’s take on the competition? Tell us in the comments. And on the subject of Brown’s upcoming project, the release of Enola Holmes 2 is just around the corner. So, why don’t you refresh your memory by watching the first part streaming on Netflix?


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