How a Picture With a Regular Dog Turned Into a Demodog-Ish Nightmare for Millie Bobby Brown

How a Picture With a Regular Dog Turned Into a Demodog-Ish Nightmare for Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown is an actress, producer, model, and business owner and you may best know her from the sci-fi series Stranger Things. Her role as Eleven has brought her enormous fame and a fandom that truly adores her. Besides, her career she is a normal teenager who loves spending time on normal stuff like us. We have seen Millie betting with her friends on set, playing games, and poking her bestie Noah Schnapp.

She also remains equally active on social media, posting photos with her family, friends, and work buddies. However, the young actress keeps an eye on the things she posts since her show is a mega-hit and one mistake can be a major spoiler. But a picture with her dog turned into a demo dog-ish nightmare for her. What was there in the photo that made her anxious?

Millie Bobby Brown once mistakenly gave a hint of Stranger Things on social media

In a 2017 interview with SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Millie Bobby Brown shared how difficult it is to maintain the secrecy of a show. The actress was shooting season 2 of Stranger Things at that time and so she always smiled or didn’t say anything when people asked her about the show.

However, once she mistakenly gave a hint of Stranger Things season 2 on social media. Brown revealed during the interview how she posted a picture on Twitter and instantly took it down.

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“I had a dog in my lap and so I took a selfie with the dog and behind me was a picture of season 2 and a very important picture,” explained Millie.

She added that she reported all the retweets in a rush before Netflix could see it. She did not even tell her parents about the mess she created and handled it quite responsibly.

Meanwhile, after the positive reception of Stranger Things, it became of utmost importance for all the cast members to keep the details of the show discreet. Spilling out any information meant loss for creators and fans too. We have seem how fans reveled in making their theories and speculations about all the seasons based on the smallest details revealed by the cast members.

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We all love to unveil the mysteries when we finally watch the show. Therefore, this mistake would have been a real nightmare if Netflix or Duffer Brothers got to know about it.

What do you think what important detail that picture might have had? Leave your comments below!

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