“I don’t think I accept people’s advice…”- When 13-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Got Candid About the Perils and Joys of Being a Teen Actor

“I don’t think I accept people’s advice…”- When 13-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Got Candid About the Perils and Joys of Being a Teen Actor

When you are young, the surrounding adults tend to bombard you with a great deal of advice, suggestions, or recommendations, regardless of whether you ask for it. At times, the help is more than welcome, but more often than not, it is banal or superfluous. Imagine the same scenario for a young actor like Millie Bobby Brown; especially when she was fresh in the industry.

Whether it is senior actors, other people from the industry, or even the folks on Twitter; the advice just keeps flooding in. Let us reminisce about how a 2017 Millie Bobby Brown dealt with unsolicited counseling as she opens up about the delights and downfalls of being a teenage performer.

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How did Millie Bobby Brown tackle the advice that came her way?

Back in 2017, at the peak of Stranger Things success, Brown did a 30-minute long candid interview for SAG-AFTRA Foundation, moderated by Entertainment Weekly. Millie spoke about numerous topics, including her unique way of presenting herself as an actor. She shared how people around her already treated her like an adult.

It’s okay because I’m a little mature for my age, but you have to be in this industry,” illustrated Brown.

According to the Godzilla vs Kong actress, one “can’t go on set and act like, you know, a 13-year-old“; especially off-camera. That means no teenage temper tantrums for Millie unless she is the telekinetic teen, Eleven. She even spoke about how people expect you to just graciously welcome all advice. However, this teenager doesn’t take it all sitting down.

Honestly, I don’t think I accept people’s advice,” exclaimed Millie.

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She further explains how she doesn’t just downright dismiss it, but it goes through a process. It completely depends on what the advice or comment is. While the useless ones get expelled and the good ones get absorbed.

You have to make sure the advice they’re giving you is valid; if it makes sense,” said the Enola Holmes star.

Brown then narrated that when Leonardo DiCaprio called her “a great actor,” the compliment went straight to her brain. She even recounted her brush with the one and only Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes. When Millie approached the veteran actor and greeted her, Meryl acknowledged Brown’s nomination and even complimented her, saying,

Oh, I just think you were great in the show,” said Millie, repeating Streep’s words.

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Well, there are definitely some perks to being a child/teen actor; especially if you are a treasure trove of talent. What do you think of Millie Bobby Brown’s take on dealing with advice? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can check out Enola Holmes on Netflix to enjoy Millie’s splendid acting prowess.


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