“Some things have definitely changed”- When Young Millie Bobby Brown Spoke About How Being a Public Figure Affected Her Life

“Some things have definitely changed”- When Young Millie Bobby Brown Spoke About How Being a Public Figure Affected Her Life

You might have binged watched Stranger Things several times and still waiting eagerly for the final season to arrive. As we all love that Netflix series so much, you never wanna forget the moments you captured the first time. And one of those most treasurable things includes the character of Eleven, who emerged to be a fan favorite. Indeed, all the credit goes to Millie Bobby Brown, who pulled off the role so stunningly. This breakthrough role has definitely brought her global attention and admiration from fans. But there is something more the young actress got from the show as she spoke about how being a public figure has affected her life.

Millie Bobby Brown has got the best of things after becoming the face of Hollywood

After the overnight success of Stranger Things season 1, Millie Bobby Brown sat down with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation. During the interview, the host asked Millie how the popularity of the show has changed her life. In her response, she first stated that nothing had really changed in her personal life.

She lived in the same house with her family, and her personality has not changed a bit. She is the same bubbly as always. However, the thing that her profession has affected for the greater good is her dressing style.

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“Before I had like the weirdest clothes like back in stock so I’m still wearing my daughter’s website,” said the Enola Holmes star. To this, the host replied that he liked her clothes and would get one Birkenstocks for himself.

Moreover, she added: “you know some things have definitely changed but my life has it yeah I think it’s impacted.” The actress believed that the fame has transformed her life in a way but it never influenced her personal life because she still follows what her parents say and still make her home a mess like any teenager would do.

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Most of all, the actress loves the path she had chosen for herself at a young age and she loves her work and life. What do you think about Millie Bobby Brown balancing her personal life and career so invincibly? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below! Until then, keep Netflix-ing and watching your favorite shows.

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