Ahead of the Anticipated Sequel, Millie Bobby Brown Releases Trailer for ‘Enola Holmes’ Graphic Novel

Ahead of the Anticipated Sequel, Millie Bobby Brown Releases Trailer for ‘Enola Holmes’ Graphic Novel

Millie Bobby Brown may have been the breakout star of Stranger Things as Eleven, but she has played other memorable characters as well. One among them is Enola Holmes, Sherlock Holmes’ younger sister in Netflix’s Enola Holmes. The period, teen detective movie was a hit. And Brown returned to the sets again for another sequel (for a $10 million dollar check though).

Ahead of the sequel that is going to arrive on November 4, the actress had some surprises in store for her fans. She debuted the trailer for Enola Holmes: Mycroft’s Dangerous Game’s graphic novel. 

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Millie Bobby Brown shares the trailer for the upcoming graphic novel that has ties to the sequel 

The upcoming Enola Holmes graphic novel bridges the events that take place after the first movie and before the sequel. Mickey George wrote the story, Georgia Sposito drew the artwork and Enrica Angiolini colored the comic. Millie Bobby Brown shared the trailer with her followers on Instagram. 

The sequel will again follow our favorite teen detective, using her skills and brain to find her older brother, Mycroft, this time. Mycroft has suddenly gone missing, and it is Enola’s responsibility to bring him back home safely. But it is not a big task, as her brother was kidnapped by the anarchists. Enola is put to the test again, but she will not work with Sherlock to solve the mystery. Instead, she will team up with the missing lord of the first movie, Lord Tewkesbury, and a homeless boy, Shag. You can pick the graphic novels from the stand starting from October 11!

Enola Holmes 2 has already unveiled a trailer. Unlike graphic novels, Enola will work with Sherlock to solve a big conspiracy in the film. When a poor girl comes to seek help to find her missing sister, Enola realizes that her and Sherlock’s case are interconnected and that there is more to it than a simple missing person’s case. Henry Cavill and Helena Bonham Carter are reprising their roles again as Sherlock the Holmes siblings’ mother, respectively. 

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