Young Millie Bobby Brown Once Revealed That She Doesn’t Like ‘watching herself’

Young Millie Bobby Brown Once Revealed That She Doesn’t Like ‘watching herself’

Standing up to the expectations of the entire world is sometimes not as difficult as standing up to yourself in the mirror. This is a reality check for almost all of us, including the Stranger Things supernova standout Millie Bobby Brown. Everyone around her hails her as one of the sensational superstars of all time. However, the star does not think anything as such about herself. Here we will tell you why. 

Years ago in 2017, the star did give us some revelation about herself in an interview. She was in a conversation with the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, as she answered a few questions posed by the host. Here is what she said. 

Millie Bobby Brown feels weirded out while watching herself on screen

While the host did not ask anything as such, Millie went on to elaborate on a difficult scene on the sets of her signpost show, Stranger Things. While explaining the scene where she flips the van over with her lab-sister Kali, the star got a bit overwhelmed and opened up about herself. She said that after the shoot of that particular segment was over; she watched the finished part herself and was absolutely weirded out by seeing herself in the shoot. 

Millie revealed that she does not like watching herself in any of her roles and that it feels absolutely weird. She further explained that it might be because of her perfectionism, which makes her grunt and go like, “Why would I do that!! Why would I do such a thing!!? Why would I blink at that time!!?” Whatever might be the case, she concluded it by saying as long as she learns from her mistakes, it is good. 

Nonetheless, season two of Stranger Things was absolutely “sick!” according to Millie. Right from the beginning, the star has worked wonders as Eleven. Fast forward to 2022, and here we are, still obsessed with Millie. Thankfully, her journey as Eleven has not ended yet as the final showdown between the Hawkins gang and the dreaded Villain Vecna is yet to come in Season 5. 

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Are you excited about the last and final season of the show? What are your expectations of it? Do let us know in the comments below. 

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