Young Millie Bobby Brown Was Once Conflicted About Her Tomboyish Personality

Young Millie Bobby Brown Was Once Conflicted About Her Tomboyish Personality

Millie Bobby Brown is among the most well-known and sought-after actresses today. With an impressive portfolio to flaunt, her role as Eleven from Stranger Things will always be the most special. Barely 12 years old during season 1 of the fantasy series, a lot of Brown’s personality must have developed on the show itself. Perhaps sharing the screen and the set with mostly boys even influences her persona.

While riding the success of the hugely popular first season of Stranger Things, Brown opened up about her experience on the sets and with her cast members. She even spoke about her views on her own personality. Let us see what the young actor had to say.

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Millie Bobby Brown contemplates her tomboy status

Back in 2017, Millie Bobby Brown did an exclusive interview for a fundraiser titled SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Moderated by Entertainment Weekly, it was a fun yet in-depth conversation about the young actor, her personal life, and her experience on the sets of Stranger Things. In the segment with questions from the audience, one fan was curious to know how Brown felt working in a show with a majority of boys. 

As Millie was about to answer, the host also inquired if the young actor considered herself a tomboy. The Enola Holmes star instantaneously refuted that. Gesturing towards her extremely stylish and feminine outfit, Brown exclaimed,

Oh no, I mean, do you see what I’m wearing?

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However, just moments later, she contradicted her own statements. Millie narrated how initially she was skeptical about being part of a mostly boys’ cast. “Oh boys, I’m not ready for this,” she acted out with hilarious, exaggerated actions and modulations. Later on, though, Brown actually preferred the company of boys.

The boys, they just don’t gossip. They just kind of go with the flow,” shared the Godzilla vs Kong actress.

The British actor even admitted that she is, in fact, very similar. “I think I am a tomboy. Like today I wore just like a sweater,” said the conflicted Bobby Brown. Realizing the dichotomy, she revealed she can be “very tomboy” yet very girly at the same time. She confessed she gets super excited about “pink” things and “roses“.

What do you think about Millie Bobby Brown’s personality? Let us know in the comments below. A true testament to this confused personality is on display even in her character, Enola Holmes. You can check out the film streaming on Netflix.

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