How Did Robert Englund Become Victor Creel in ‘Stranger Things’ 4?

How Did Robert Englund Become Victor Creel in ‘Stranger Things’ 4?

The second volume of Strangers Things 4 is out on Netflix, and fans cannot stop going all crazy over it. While it felt like a family reunion to watch all our main characters on the screen back again, the show welcomed a pack of brand new faces, who have already made their space in our hearts. Out of all of them, Victor Creel and his family play a major role in building the plot of this season. Robert Englund taking up the role of Victor enhanced the effect that the character had in the narrative of the season. Englund, being a legendary Hollywood actor, was an unexpected addition to the Stranger Things cast. So how did Freddy Kruger become Victor Creel? Let’s find out.

Victor creel: From being Vecna’s father to one of his first victims

The Duffer brothers, in an interview, talked about their experiences in selecting the best cast for Victor Creel aka Vecna’s dad. During the ongoing auditions for the role, many top-tier actors volunteered to play the part, but lastly, it was Robert Englund who nailed the script and earned the role. He poured his heart and soul into the scene with his incredible acting and won the hearts of the Duffers. “He’s a great performer. Especially in that particular episode,” said the directors. The brothers also had a fan moment with Englund during season 4 production.

The introduction of Robert Englund as Victor Creel in the fourth episode of the season in “Dear Billy” was the definition of sheer horror and gore.

His eyes were deformed, and we found him doing that scratching thing on the desk, insisted by Shawn Levy, that added to the intensity of the scene. The actor accurately portrays the pathetic psychological depression of being stewed in remorse and the agony of being very much in hell. Soon after he paid his homage to the audience, he stepped into the role of Victor Creel, who started to tell the backstory of his family. That also illuminates what happened to his son, who will later become Vecna.

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The dark history of the Creel family

Victor Creel was a fighter who had returned from the war after his wife’s uncle left them a good little fortune, enough to buy a new home. Eventually, the Creels shifted to Hawkins, Indiana, and started living in a “magnificent house.” In the same house where peace lasted no more than a month, Henry Creel, Victor’s son, started to feel the strange happenings around him.

Henry could always sense that something was wrong. Soon, we discover his weird fascination with black widows and his telekinesis powers. And as the story wears on further, we realize that behind the horrendous occurrences in the house that once looked like a “fairytale” was no one but Henry himself, haunting the darkest corners of his family’s mind.

Englund was certainly a blessing in Stranger Things 4, adding to the spookiness of the season. Did you think so too? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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