Emmy Awards: ‘Stranger Things’ Episode Dear Billy Can Possibly Beat A Six-Year-Old Record Set By Game Of Thrones’ “Battle of the Bastards”

Emmy Awards: ‘Stranger Things’ Episode Dear Billy Can Possibly Beat A Six-Year-Old Record Set By Game Of Thrones’ “Battle of the Bastards”

The medieval drama Games of Thrones has been one of the most legendary dramas in the history of English cinema that received a massive amount of recognition. However, the new season of Stranger Things has wrecked several records and emerged as the most-watched show of the year. Considering the success of the show, it seems Netflix might dethrone the Game of Thrones. From the most awarded single episode record which episode 9 of season 6 holds till now. After the new masterpiece of the Duffer Brothers made its way onto Netflix. Viewers were completely enamored by the heart-wrenching presentation that the “Dear Billy” episode gave. 

Episode 4 of Stranger Things “Dear Billy” has clasped the attention of its viewers and critics

The curse of Vecna deeply enthralled the minds of viewers and made episode 4 an ongoing talk of the town. With appealing visions, mental trauma, embedding terror, and most importantly Max’s silent writhing deeply affected people. 

According to UPROXX, the “Dear Billy” episode will likely break the Emmy records that Battle of the Bastards episode is holding with six awards. The reason being Netflix  proposing Stranger Things episode 4 for seven upcoming Emmy Awards of 2022, including Outstanding Music Supervision,  Outstanding Directing, Outstanding Stunts, Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing, Outstanding Guest Actor, Outstanding Cinematography, and Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup. 

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This episode is a mixture of outstanding depictions. Whether it’s the hideous makeover of Jamie Campbell or Sadie Sinks‘ acting. Moreover, it is presumed if Stranger Things bags all the seven awards, it will beat the benchmark set by the Netflix Original. 

Stranger Things is set for a glorious path

The supernatural drama of the late 80s has not only won the hearts of the audience, but also received acclaim through seven Emmy Awards in the last eight years. However, season 4 has brought a massive transformation and made it one of the most popular shows worldwide. Undoubtedly, the credit goes to the high-end graphics, revealing storyline, thrilling action, and matured character representations. 

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Especially, Sadie Sink aka Max Mayfield whose rawness in the episode took “Dear Billy” right to the top when Max was at the brink of death and giving letters to her loved ones. While friendship is the core that saved her from Vecna’s clutches and she jumps back to the graveyard. It’s not too far when we will get to know whether Dear Billy will take all seven awards home. The  nomination results for the 74th Emmy Awards will come out on July 12, 2022. 

Do you think Stranger Things will bag the awards?

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