Henry Cavill Revealed the Real Reason Behind the Chest Hair of His Superman

Henry Cavill Revealed the Real Reason Behind the Chest Hair of His Superman

”Henry Cavill will no longer be a Superman.” This headline broke more hearts than anything else. However, fans didn’t decrease their love for their favorite Superman. Well, why are we bringing this up? Because everyone knows the British actor loves to stay as closer to the source material as possible. Did you notice the Man of Steel actor doesn’t have facial hair, but he has a hairy chest in the film? Why is that? Why didn’t he shave it off? Well, that’s the reason we once again are remembering your perfect Superman.

The Witcher actor was associated with the DC Universe for a long time. After his cameo in Black Adam, the fandom had hoped for Man of Steel 2. But as soon as Cavill announced the news of his snub on the internet, their dream once again shattered. However, his fans would see him following his passion project in the coming years. Meanwhile, let us go back a little and see how deeply the actor understood Superman and how he justified the original DC Comics character.

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Henry Cavill paid tribute to Superman by keeping the chest hair

To justify a character, the actor must understand the core essence of the character. Despite being a man of steel, and really masculine, the character doesn’t have body hair except on his chest. Now, everyone is aware of Cavill’s dedication and passion for staying true to the source materials. When Zack Snyder decided to axe the red underwear of Superman, Cavill couldn’t stop him. But he didn’t want to let go of this one tiny yet most important detail of the character, which was his chest hair.

In the original comic books, when Superman dies, the readers are introduced to his chest hair. Speaking about the same in a 2013 Youtube interaction with Disney, Cavill mentioned that if the man is really masculine and has superpowers didn’t mean he wouldn’t have hair on any part of his body. Did you know there are entire story arcs in the DC comic canon about Clark Kent’s hair? Well, therefore, the Enola Holmes actor wanted to keep them because his hair and nails are indestructible just like the rest of him.

The end of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice where Superman dies, is loosely based on the original DC story of The Death of Superman. Opening up about the original reference, Cavill remembered The Death of Superman saying, “There’s this bit where his costume’s ripped, and he’s making the ultimate sacrifice, and he’s got this hairy chest.” And thus, they kept the chest hair to justify the character of Superman accurately and satisfy the actor’s efforts to stay close to the source.

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Now, we know why Cavill’s portrayal of Superman is the best of all. Do you agree with Dwayne Johnson as he also claimed Cavill’s Superman is the greatest? What do you think about it? Tell us in the comments below.

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