Henry Cavill Had No Chance to Return as Superman for Years, Replacement Search Began Well Before

Henry Cavill Had No Chance to Return as Superman for Years, Replacement Search Began Well Before

A new report just added fuel to the Henry Cavill-centered drama. The year 2022 apparently saw the British actor quite enjoying his career in the first half of it, and the second half just snatched away both of his favorite roles from his grasp. While following the showrunner’s intent to not stay loyal to the books made Cavill gives off his Elven sword to Liam Hemsworth, his red and blue cape apparently did not stay loyal to him as James Gunn came up with some different plans for the Superman franchise.

Fans earlier rampaged on various social media platforms to bring back the apple of their eye to both Netflix’s The Witcher series and DCEU’s Superman. However, following Black Adam’s blatant downfall in which Cavill’s superhero apparently made a cameo, came the news of his exit from the DCU as well. However, all this was as late as early, and mid-2022. Now, much to our surprise, a new report suggests that replacement searches for the Enola Holmes actor had begun as early as 2018. Here is the whole scoop of it:

Did they intend to replace Henry Cavill from his Superman role since 2018?

Well, Yes! Asserts an insider source via entertainment outlet, Screenrant. Notably, Henry Cavill’s brief return as Superman after his appearance in the Dwayne Johnson-led, not so well-received, Superhero flick was something Warner Bros. will forever remember because of the cost they had to bear. Now, a new insider report has further twisted the knife stating that Toby Emmerich, the previous chairman of Warner Bros., has desired a new Man of Steel since 2018.

According to the trade, Emmerich reportedly wanted someone other than Cavill to play the universe’s most powerful superhero. At the time of publication, neither Emmerich nor anybody from Warner Bros. Discovery had commented on the report. But now, as the report came out, it seems like the world’s most handsome man was out of the story much before his medieval monster butchering mayhem came into existence. Although we only have this much information as of now, stay tuned with us to get any updates about this indisputable fiasco.

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