Henry Cavill to Become a Super Soldier in the MCU? Rumors Suggest a Captain America Style Character for the Superman Actor

Henry Cavill to Become a Super Soldier in the MCU? Rumors Suggest a Captain America Style Character for the Superman Actor

A few years ago, there were rumors about the Marvel Cinematic Universe trying to get Henry Cavill on board when he was still associated with the DCEU. But now that James Gunn has decided not to give Cavill his Superman back, the British actor has plenty of opportunities waiting for him. Now, after being associated with Amazon to create a series based on the game, Warhammer 40,000, is MCU trying to get Cavill once again for an iconic character?

The Witcher season 3 will be the last to see Cavill as Geralt of Rivia. While he handed over his swords and medallion to Liam Hemsworth, following him, not wearing the Superman cape ever. Now, there will be more opportunities for the British actor to grab and move on from these iconic roles. As fans are extremely happy with the actor living his nerdy dream with Amazon, would they like to see him bringing life to the Marvel character?

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Henry Cavill can be a Captain America-like character in the MCU

Whatever character the Man of Steel actor plays, he completely justifies it. Therefore, it becomes a fan-favorite character. However, as soon as the actor made a comeback as Superman, he had to wear the cape down. But now, according to English Jagran, there are rumors about him joining the Marvel Universe to portray an iconic character, Brian Braddock, aka Captain Britain. There is a possibility for Cavill to make his debut in the Marvel Universe as Captain Britain in the 2024 Captain America: New World Order.

However, there is no official confirmation about it from both sides. But if this comes true, his fans can see Cavill bringing life to another powerful character. Earlier when the rumors started in 2021 about the same, Cavill opened up about it. He acknowledged his awareness of the rumors and said he would love to play Captain Britain. However, he wouldn’t want to be the character that was already played by another actor as they were amazing at it. However, the actor didn’t refrain from expressing his wish to bring life to a Marvel character.

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Although The Witcher star loved how MCU updated Captain America, he said, he would love to stay British. Well, until any official announcement comes, what are your thoughts about it? Would you like it if Henry Cavill joins Marvel Cinematic Universe? What other character do you think he is suitable for? The comment box is yours to express your views.

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