After Superman and ‘The Witcher’, Henry Cavill to Ace the Role of Antagonist in ‘Hercules’ Live-Action Remake?

After Superman and ‘The Witcher’, Henry Cavill to Ace the Role of Antagonist in ‘Hercules’ Live-Action Remake?

If one door is closed, there is always another door that is opened for you. When Henry Cavill closed two of his iconic characters’ doors, plenty of other doors are waiting for him. After The Witcher, James Gunn didn’t continue Cavill’s Superman. Now, the British actor has plenty of other opportunities for him. He is now associated with Amazon to make a series based on his favorite game Warhammer 40,000. Meanwhile, Disney has an eye on the actor to play another larger-than-life character in their upcoming film.

Despite portraying many different characters in his career, Cavill got wide recognition for his roles as Geralt of Rivia and Superman. Maybe because he caught the core essence of these characters and embodied them. The portrayal of the characters are so accurate and connects the viewers with them. Now, that the DCEU and The Witcher world have lost this gem, Disney wants to grab the opportunity and sign Cavill for their upcoming Hercules live-action remake.

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Disney wants Henry Cavill to be the antagonist

According to Greatfreakinrobot, Disney is making a live-action remake of the famous Hercules. Now that The Tudors actor might have some time in his schedule, Disney wants Cavill to play the villain Hades in the upcoming remake of Hercules. However, the Enola Holmes star hasn’t said anything on the matter. But it seems his recent departure from the iconic franchises might be beneficial for the actor.

But there is one obvious question about whether Cavill can sing if he wants to play Hades in Hercules. In 2005, in Hellraiser: Hellworld, we saw the Man of Steel actor just humming for a few seconds. This was the only time anyone has seen Cavill sing. However, considering the nature of Hades in the upcoming film, Cavill might not have to sing too much. In the 1997 animated film, James Wood voiced the villain, who is still one of the few memorable villains from Disney.

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If Cavill decides to play the antagonist in the Hercules remake, it wouldn’t be the first time his fans would see him as a villain. In 2019, he played a villain against Tom Cruise as the antagonist in Mission Impossible: Fallout. Thus, if Superman fame plays the antagonist in Hercules, it would be the greatest news for the fandom. What are your thoughts about it? Would you like to see Cavill as Hades? Share your views with us in the comment box below.

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