Harry and Meghan Hoarding Content With 3-Year-Old Archie for Multi Million Netflix Deal?

Harry and Meghan Hoarding Content With 3-Year-Old Archie for Multi Million Netflix Deal?

After failing to get something interesting for their upcoming documentary on Netflix, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are trying to create something desperately. The couple, including their eldest son Archie, were spotted enjoying the trip on American Independence Day. As a part of their deal with Netflix, the couple is already under pressure. While Harry and Meghan seem to be dealing with this pressure in their own way. The Sussexes recently appeared with their kid enjoying the holiday far from home.

Harry and Meghan celebrated American Independence Day

On the 4th of July, the couple went on a trip with their children to celebrate the day. They went to a famous resort Jackson Hole on the 4th and enjoyed a local parade in Wyoming with their eldest son Archie. After disappearing for a long time, Archie, along with the couple, appeared in public. But was it really to celebrate only, or is this a part of their $100 million deal with Netflix?

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However, they didn’t post the photographs officially, nor did they comment officially about it. But among the crowd, a spectator recognized and clicked some photographs of the Royals. The photograph showed Archie, wearing a red, white, and blue hat. He was waving the American flag while Meghan was sitting right beside him. Prince Harry was beside his wife and Archie in a dark green sports cap.

However, the withholding of the official releases of the photographs might indicate that they are saving it for their upcoming documentary, said Professor Cele Otnes. Professor Otnes is the Royal family branding expert and co-author of “Royal Fever”. Well, the Duke and the Dutchess expected to get their little one, Lilibet, photographed with the Queen herself. But unfortunately, they couldn’t get it and Netflix wanted more from the couple now.

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An unknown source claimed that the timing is yet to be fixed, but things are up in the air. Professor Otnes commented on this act of the Sussexes. “Detractors would likely say this is their attempt to create more footage for Netflix content, and many commenters on the stories noted we never saw Meghan’s face. Maybe she was saving those shots for Netflix,” said the Professor.

While the streaming giant demands some answers from the couple on their visit to the Jubilee celebrations of the Queen, Harry and Meghan also visited Oprah Winfrey after returning home. Are these the signs of their upcoming Netflix docuseries? Is the couple cooking something suspiciously?

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