Netflix Wants “Much More for Their Money” From Harry and Meghan, $100 Million Deal “Highly Unlikely” to Be Renewed

Netflix Wants “Much More for Their Money” From Harry and Meghan, $100 Million Deal “Highly Unlikely” to Be Renewed

Everyone is quite aware of the feud between the Royal family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. During the Jubilee, the Duke and Duchess tried to keep a low profile. Also, they failed to take pictures with the Queen as well. Harry and Meghan seem to be under pressure as they have a huge deal with Netflix and couldn’t deliver some quality creative content.

Netflix demands more from Harry and Meghan for a $100 million deal!

Already in a chaotic life, Harry and Meghan are in another chaos because of the lack of creative content. As they kept a low profile at the Jubilee, they didn’t get much exciting content for their Netflix show. Evidently, Netflix and Spotify chiefs want “much more for their money”. And they don’t seem to renew or break off the deal as such.

An ex-Vanity Fair editor, Tina Brown, said that the Sussexes have grown nervous over their longevity in Hollywood. Tom Bower, the royal author, declared that “Netflix are left with a big problem.”

Besides, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not stars anymore. The senior royals condemned them for wanting to get a photograph of the Queen’s first meeting with their daughter, Lilibet.

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As they didn’t get the place on the balcony, couldn’t get the Queen’s picture, didn’t even get the seats with the senior royals, and Harry certainly didn’t get the heart-to-heart with his brother, Prince William; the whole of America now knows that Harry doesn’t have the access to the Royals now, and this puts him in a very vulnerable place right now. This also affects their value as well.

The date of the broadcast of their show, At-Home with the Sussexes Style, is still unknown. But as the Queen and the Palace’s cunning plan curbed Meghan and Harry’s chance to be photographed with the Queen, they seem to be in a mess with Netflix.

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