How the Queen and Palace’s “Cunning” Plan Curbed Meghan and Harry’s “chance to be photographed” With Senior Royals

How the Queen and Palace’s “Cunning” Plan Curbed Meghan and Harry’s “chance to be photographed” With Senior Royals

The tension between the Royal members of the family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex doesn’t seem to ease soon. While Harry and Meghan appeared at the Celebration Weekend in the UK, the members of the royal family weren’t very welcoming to them. Not only did they not get the place on the balcony, but they also didn’t get a single photograph with the Queen. They didn’t even get to sit with the rest of the senior Royal members.

Moreover, Harry didn’t get heart-to-heart with his brother William. Though they tried to stay low-key at the event, Harry and Meghan certainly caught the attention.

The Queen and Palace’s cunning plan against Harry and Meghan

The royal biographer, Angela Levin, in an interview talked about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. She talked about them keeping a low profile during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

Angela reveals the cunning plan of the Queen and the senior royals. She says that Harry and Meghan wanted to see the Queen as soon as they could. So, the Queen met with them on the first day. When they saw the Queen, Harry and Meghan asked for permission to get a photograph with her and Lilibet together. But the Queen said, “No, absolutely not possible.”

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Levin adds here that they would have sold those photographs to Netflix and it would give them the benefit and they could say that these babies had been with their great-grandmother. And it would be very valuable.

“But actually the palace was so clever and cunning that they never had a change to be photographed with any of the senior Royals,” adds Angela.

The royal couple left early

When in the church, the seating arrangement was also symbolic of the tension going on between the royals and Harry. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were sitting on the right-hand side, and the rest of them, including Camilla, Catherine, and William, were on the other side.

Soon after, Harry and Meghan left early, before the Jubilee Pageant started. Their exist certainly ruffled more feathers but alas didn’t help them get content for their Netflix project.

The royal biographer called the duo “petulant teenagers” for their exit but what do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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