Fans Commend Five and Klaus for Carrying ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3

Fans Commend Five and Klaus for Carrying ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 3

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy tried to incorporate the sexual transformation of Viktor Hargreeves to mirror the actor’s real-life transformation. Although it was a noble thing to do and fans applauded how deftly the subject was handled, it wasn’t Viktor that stole the scene. Twitter thinks the scene stealers were his brothers Klaus and Five! Yep, even the villain, Allison, couldn’t hold a candle to her brothers.

Klaus and Five fans unite to commend the two for hard carrying The Umbrella Academy season 3

Reginald Hargreeves may be too hard to please, but fans are quite happy with how Klaus and Five have contributed to the increasingly complex storyline of the Netflix show. One fan tweeted a photo of the two relaxing in a car with wide smiles on their faces, lauding the characters for keeping him engaged. 


Klaus, aka Number Four, had a very interesting reveal in The Umbrella Academy season 3. He was gifted with the unique ability of mediumship. But this season revealed more than that. The previous seasons barely scratched the surface of his powers. Klaus learns that he has the power of resurrection. Moreover, he can never die. Although this knowledge came at a cost. Sir Reginald from the Sparrow timeline kept pushing him, literally to his death, to unlock his potential. While Klaus was learning his true potential, Five was paid a visit by his 100-year-old self. 

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Five in this season still remained the wise beyond years, impatient 60 years with a haughty temperament. And he was still hell-bent on saving the world. But a shocking encounter with 100-year-old Five made him re-evaluate his decisions. Not only was he one of the founding members of the Temps Commission, but preventing doomsday would only lead to Oblivion. 

As the siblings traveled to the Sparrow timeline mistakenly, Sir Reginald appeared more vulnerable and less distant. Additionally, the Sparrow siblings had replaced them. But it turned out to be an act, as Reginald used all his children to further his agenda. He reprogrammed the universe and even got his dead wife, Abigail, back. 

Do you agree with the Twitteratis? Do you think Klaus and Five carried season 3? Share your thoughts with us.

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