What Similarities Do ‘Resident Evil’ And ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Share?

What Similarities Do ‘Resident Evil’ And ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Share?

Netflix’s adaptation of the Resident Evil franchise has started a new phase of horror and disgust this summer, where a mysterious corporation becomes the reason for a deadly virus outbreak that transform the human race into zombies. But there are several astounding things in this new series that viewers might have overlooked because these similarities between the two apocalyptic worlds are certainly not ignorable.

The most famous series on Netflix The Umbrella Academy has left some impression on this horror drama. It seems that the stage of violence has featured an identical plotline to the superhero show. Let’s dig deeper into the references and know how these shows are similar in their depictions.

Resident Evil is a world of chaos, just like The Umbrella Academy show

This isn’t new that shows adapt some of the content from others while largely telling their own story. But there are loads of convincing things that will make you wonder and see the connecting threads between these two. Firstly, the biggest hint is the depiction of a demolished wasteland where human life is extinct. For instance, in Resident Evil, we see T-Virus ruin the planet and transform humans into zombies and heinous creatures. Likewise, in The Umbrella Academy, an inevitable apocalypse hit the earth, wiping millions of life.

Secondly, both the shows are painted in a coiled timeline where the story constantly moves forth and back. The horror series is set in 2022 and 2036, whereas the superhero drama takes us in the 1900s and 2019. Still not convinced? We still have our final dice to roll; that is the name of the corporation where Albert Wesker works. The show has named the research laboratory The Umbrella Corporation, which resembles the title of Steve Blackman’s show.

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Tom Hopper aka Luther Hargreeves’ post confused the viewers

Portraying Luther Hargreeves, the Number 1 superhero in The Umbrella Academy, has garnered Tom Hopper much popularity. The actor starred in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City last year, and when he shared the trailer of the same, his fans were left confused because of the word ‘Umbrella” that the new show has used in its storyline. Apparently, fans thought the trailer was that of a new season of The Umbrella Academy.

“If you have no idea about Resident Evil and you were an Umbrella Academy fan, it would be very confusing,” said the actor to Entertainment Weekly later.

Although he hasn’t confirmed any similarities between both, we think there are some waves connected. Like Jade Wesker trying to bring down the people responsible for the breakout, Five Hargreeves is obsessed to save his family and find a solution from the apocalypse.

What do you think? Could there be more similarities between the two shows? Let us know in the comments.

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