Fans Are Saying the Same Thing for ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ on Netflix

Fans Are Saying the Same Thing for ‘How to Build a Sex Room’ on Netflix

The Mary Poppins of sex rooms has graced the stage and our hearts with How to Build a Sex Room on Netflix. Melanie Rose, interior designer and host of the show, gently attempts to ease the couples on the show and brings out their deepest, darkest fantasies. With those, you guessed it right; she builds them the perfect sex room.

Netflix has really hit the nail on the head with the lifestyle reality show format. Whether you look at Queer Eye, Dream Home Makeover, Selling Sunset, and others. The shows not only capture the beauty of the transformation but also brilliantly encapsulate the emotional quotient. The viewers root for the contestants with all their hearts and live vicariously through them. But what do the fans have to say about How to Build a Sex Room? Let’s find out.

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The Genius of How to Build a Sex Room

Netflix released the kinky yet elegant home makeover show on the 8th of July. Since then, the audience has had a field day on social media. While the show received some backlash before its premiere, fans now adore it and have made it known. Looks like the spoon full of sugar indeed helped the medicine go down! From calling it an “absolute genius” to “sex-positive“, here are some tweets in favor of the show.

The audience is thrilled that a show exists that attempts to de-stigmatize the taboo around sex and pleasure.

In fact, some are so fascinated by Rose’s work that they might also get into the field.

What is the show about?

Each episode of the show sees the host Melanie Rose meet different couples. Like any makeover series, it starts with an inspection. At times, it’s an unused basement, sometimes a large bathroom, and most of the time, it’s a spare room. After analyzing the space, she chatted with her clients to understand their bedroom habits, sexual preferences, and fetishes.

She even brings out her not-so-hidden treasure, which is her bag filled with sex toys and aides. This helps her read the couple and understand their boundaries, making her job easier. From a full-on rock n roll sex dungeon to a tastefully designed luxurious yet sensual bathroom, the show displays a wide range of designs.

Melanie’s aim with the show was to break the “dirty and disgusting” connotation that envelopes sex. As she mentions in the trailer, she believes, “when I design them (sex rooms), they can be beautiful. And they are places where couples can explore their deepest fantasies.” Rose also refrains from judging her clients. It’s probably why she’s been so successful in this niche market for about a decade.

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If you haven’t watched this uniquely naughty show, the first season is streaming on the platform. Binge-watch and let us know what you take away from How to Build a Sex Room Netflix.

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