Fans Left Angered As Netflix Brings “How to build a sex room” Instead Of Their Favorite Shows

Fans Left Angered As Netflix Brings “How to build a sex room” Instead Of Their Favorite Shows

Have you heard a new Fifty Shades is coming up on Netflix? Well, Netflix has been famous for launching a range of dynamic content on the platform. And they are coming up with a sensational series titled ‘How To Build A Sex Room’ starring Melanie Rose. With the first glimpse of the video, we get the idea that she will be designing sex rooms for couples. However, fans seem to find this unique idea distasteful. Because adding up new things on Netflix leads to an extension in the release of other loved shows. As fans eagerly wait for new seasons and constantly invest their minds in speculating shows.

How To Build a Sex Room has brought an actual revolution in heart of the audience

The official account of Netflix recently posted the first look of How To Build A Sex Room on Twitter. With the release date of July 8, 2022, the video gave away the main idea of the show. Melanie Rose who has been designing homes for the last 15 years got a unique request from a couple. That they want a special room in their home that could bring on some passion to their love life. So the artist decided to fulfill the fantasy of her clients by designing sex rooms in their homes. Moreover, Rose says that desires to transform this erotic thing into something classy. Because most people interpret this term as dirty and disgusting.

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Whereas fans seem to feel off by this clip why Netflix is squandering their time on such vain ideas. We saw the comment box overflowing with hilarious memes and major questions asked by fans. Most Netflix fans want to see new chapters of their favorite dramas instead of this fantasy love.

Let’s get to the section where you find out the opinions of Twitter fans

One fan seemed really annoyed that how Netflix could ignore shows like Mindhunter and Sense 8 to launch this series. They even question the breakdown Netflix is currently facing.

While another fan made fun of the series speculating this thing will bring doom on Netflix.

On the other hand, a fan brought this hilarious meme saying Netflix will have to answer God directly now.

Two more fans demanded a different show to come up instead of How to make a sex room.

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And these commenting events had an end as people are putting the serious questions that irrelevant content is the reason why fans are leaving Netflix.

Finally, we close our box of speculations here and ask our viewers to let drop their opinions about the show. Down in the comment box! Until then keep in touch and keep Netflixing!

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    July 9, 2022 at 3:49 pm

    i just finished the show and ill be honest….. i loved the show, i was sad to see criminal minds leave but this helped take my mind off things and melanie is so sweet.

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