From The Studio That Brought ‘The Kissing Booth’ And ‘To All The Boys…’, Why You Must Watch ‘Love and Gelato’ On Netflix

From The Studio That Brought ‘The Kissing Booth’ And ‘To All The Boys…’, Why You Must Watch ‘Love and Gelato’ On Netflix

From a renowned teen novel to a summer romance adaption, Love and Gelato is shot in the heart of Rome. This movie brings so much excitement to young viewers, who wish to discover new things in life. Creators filmed the first part of the trilogy by Jenna Evans Welch because of the popularity of the book. Depicting Luna Emerson, a pre-med student stepping into an undiscovered country of beauty and romance. Brandon Camp, who is well known for his works like Benji and Love Happens, is the director. Let’s get to the spiced-up story that this movie is narrating through the character of Luna.

Love and Gelato is a perfect watch for rom-com lovers

Love and Gelato focuses on Luna, who is about to begin her college life at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, her destiny desires something else, as she decides to fulfill her dying mother’s last wish. So Luna packs her bag for the holidays and flies to Italy, following her mother’s journal. Luna’s mother knew after her death she will be left alone in the world, and she wanted her daughter to have the same transformative journey.

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Moreover, this roman holiday brings so much joy and adventure to Luna’s life as she finds new friends and love in the glistening city. Luna becomes infatuated with a handsome young man Alessandro whereas she seems to have a corner for amazing chef Lorenzo. With the support of her mother’s old friends and Lorenzo, Luna decides to unravel the mystery of her family. Consequently, she decides to find his Italian father whom her mother met on the same streets to know the reason why she left her father behind.  

NY Times has reviewed the movie calling it more focused on the comic tone and Italian accent of the characters. In their opinion the conscious callowness is pleasing but they do have the freshness like blockbuster romances that fans were desiring for a long time. Also, IMDb has rated it 5.2 out of 10, which seems a very ordinary review. On the other hand, Rotten Tomatoes has given a low audience score of 38%. 

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Although we are familiar with the views of Italy streets, all the funny moments of Love and Gelato might amuse viewers. The movie has many new faces including Susanna Skaggs, Alex Boniello, Valentina Lodovini, and Marie-France Arcilla. Love and Gelato is currently streaming on Netflix. Have you watched the movie already? Let us know in the comments.

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